Alliances joining public games together.

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    • Alliances joining public games together.

      Hello. I have noticed that in a lot of World at War games, alliances join together. When a high level alliance does this, the game can become unfair for other players. What is the Bytro stance on this?
      “If I do good, it’s skillful warfare. If I do bad, it’s unconventional warfare.” Sun Tzu probably.
    • Hello there Brutus

      I am sure that nobody likes it when a group of experienced people come together and wreak havoc on a round. However, everyone can get a group of friends together to join a round and join a Coalition. As long multiple Coalitions don't start teaming up, it shouldn't be a problem.

      People have their own opinion, and bytro probably also has multiple opinions on this topic. Since they have not changed anything, I don't think this is a huge concern.
    • This doesn't really differ from quality players "finding eachother" within the game; in fact it is more fair because you can see it from day 1. If you're worried about this, scan through the players and when you see too much from the same alliance tag, don't invest time in playing it and start a new one. The same basically goes for coiners; when you see someone growing (extremely) "too fast" for normal play, even if he is very far away for now, just quit and start anew.
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    • I’ve only played the 100 player map twice. Both times there were alliances trying to take it over. The first time the alliance wasn’t that good and we were able to overcome. The second game they were all fairly skilled players and I started too close to them.

      I certainly am guilty of seeking out the best players on a given map as partners. I’ve had my share of bad experiences with partners and prefer to not repeat those issues. I imagine starting with alliance mates could be a liability if they aren’t that good. That could limit your ability to seek out better partners on a map.

      I suppose there is always the instinct to follow the “if you can’t beat them join them” mantra and join the game with partners too. I agree starting with too many skilled partners takes away from the competitive spirit of the game. Say what you will about heavy gold users, but from my experience they are easier to counter due to their own inexperience.
    • Okay. In this game, 3 of the 5 players in the alliance are heavy folders. 2 countries, including me, lost every building to gold. The players are also extremely toxic. They have a mod with them who’s not saying anything against them.
      “If I do good, it’s skillful warfare. If I do bad, it’s unconventional warfare.” Sun Tzu probably.
    • BrutusTrump

      Using gold to support your gameplay is a perfectly legitimate tool that all players have at their disposal to use as they find best suited.

      Accusing MODs or GOs of being biased is a serious matter. If you have any reason to consider that any MOD or GO is being unfair, you should report it using the normal procedure, together with the necessary supporting evidence.

      Otherwise, please abstain from arbitrarily accusing MODs or GOs publicly.

      Thank you