Nuclear Bomber against AA and Cruisers

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    • Nuclear Bomber against AA and Cruisers

      I haven't tried nuclear much, only time I got bomber shot down. Was just wondering if the air defense of the target is greater then the hit points of the nuclear bomber is it a 100% that the bomber will get shot down before dropping the nuke?
    • factor in the 20% randomness to the strength of the target, itmf it is still greater, your bomber will die.
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    • Thanks. Just wondering because I left a game, announced I was leaving in newspaper, but when checking back later after game over, I saw my high level cruisers had been nuked the day after my announcement. So I take it that it had to be a rocket.

      So another question. Say one enemy had the 10 cuisers and a second enemy had a couple destoyers all together. If I attack the destroyer, will I get fired on by the cruisers?
    • IMO that depends on the war status and what he does with his cruisers. If he is at war with you and with the other guy, and was bombarding the latter, if you engage with the destroyers you will be only fighting them, and cruisers will fire on destroyers only too, unless he commands his cruisers to bombard again, no matter which unit (destroyers or yours units). The cruisers will start to bombard the new target, but also all units in range will start taking areal damage. At least from my experience.
    • OK that's in a naval battle, but I am trying to understand how to use nuclear bombers. Whether it be a cruiser laden battle group or a highly AA protected city or army is there anyway to drop the nuke. Was thinking maybe I could get ally to run his ship up to my enemy target, then momentarily declare war on the ally, target his ship and take out the enemy nearby. Then declare peace and give resources to ally for his sacrifice. Kinda cheating. Is there any other way.

      Strategic bombers won't fly in group with Nuclear Bombers. Can I group 3 nuclear bombers together, thus exceeding the hitpoints damage from AA, and at least drop one nuke. Little expensive.