Release Notes - 2022-03-22

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  • Release Notes - 2022-03-22

    Attention, General!

    Today's update marks the reintroduction of the Country Chooser feature, which was temporarily disabled in the game a few weeks ago. Maps that are not supposed to have randomized country selection allow you to pick your favorite Nation from the pool of available countries again.

    We also fixed several issues, like a bug that could cause an accidental declaration of war to an allied nation, or the ability of AI controlled planes to teleport to an enemy unit under certain circumstances.

    For a complete overview of all changes that were implemented with this update, please check our detailed Release Notes and share your feedback here on the forums or Discord with us.

    We hope you enjoy being able to pick your favorite nations again. Choose wisely.

    Best of luck General,

    Your Bytro Team
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