What is the largest battle/war you have ever fought?

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    • Probably the time where my coalition in africa fought an asian coalition. Full on 5v5 on day 15 I think in the middle east and europe. A lot of gold was used and in the end we abandoned the map since we didn’t want to use heap of gold in a grind fest. Enemy was really good too.
    • BrutusTrump wrote:

      This can be land, air, or naval.
      The Sino-American War we had in the ending stage of a World at War game. It was trans-continental and just about 8 days long, but it was quite full of different strategies and interesting.

      I was on the Chinese side as Nationalist China. We were an alliance of 5 - Nat China, Indochina, Philippines, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

      Around day 11, we moved many units and, among them, all TDs to Arkhangelsk. This gave Mongolia and East Yakutia a chance to attack with tanks while there was little defence. However, my allies' ships and my high level artillery took care of it, and my very fast armoured cars conquered the enemy very quickly once he had nothing powerful to defend.

      It turned out, Mongolia+East Yak were supported by the Americans, also a coalition of 5. So, this was the foreplay of our 5v5.
      I was a major airpower, and I wasted time being active just to scout the Pacific Ocean thoroughly. It paid off, though - I spotted American ships going towards us way before they reached the shores. British Columbia, the northernmost state, attacked with convoys of 1 militia each here and there, so we lost a few provinces (good idea from him to be so annoying with the cheap-to-make militia). My Interceptors were high-level, so I managed to snipe quite a few small convoys with them.

      Then, warships from South America started arriving, but our navy was strong. If enemy planes got by, my Ints destroyed them. British Columbia sent a railroadgun stack to Kamchatka, so he had to go a long way through mountains to get to my essential provinces, which gave me time. I sent a few medium tanks into his RRG stack carelessly, which died, but it later turned out to be a good thing for me.

      Because, this gave Brit Columbia false confidence. I knew he was a troll, pretended to be a noob and tried to extract valuable information from his enemies all the time, so I wanted to use deception against him. So, after my tanks died, I quickly upgraded my tank plants (previously used for MT) and spammed elite LT like crazy.

      Then, when I had enough, I messaged Columbia. I tried to appear as if I thought he was new and nooby. I thought up some facts and based my advice for him upon them, but I knew he was an experienced player and would be aware that I was bluffing. And he was aware. So, I sent him advice saying "withdraw, don't advance into my territory". This, as I wanted, made him think I was paranoid and trying to convince him not to go in with his stacks. He thought I was vulnerable and that I wanted to convince him to stop invading. So, he went in with his railgun stacks.

      This way, I did what Sun Tzu says: "Appear weak when you are strong." I retreated until his RRG stack reached a plains province, where my elite LTs had +70% damage. Then, I sent them in and they literally destroyed 18 units in one hit (I was excited). The other RRG stack wasn't on plains, but my LTs still destroyed it pretty efficiently before it would reach water and get backing from battleships.
      That combination of strategic deceit and tactics astonished him. He thought I was naive, unaware of his prowess and going to die to him, and suddenly, complete turntables. He even accused me of "spamming LTs with gold" since I had so many (about 40 within 4 days, but I had many tank plants from before so it was affordable without gold).
      I'm honestly proud of this achievement, I think it was the most valuable moment of that game (and, btw, Sun Tzu is always right).

      Also, while pretending to be paranoid and to be using deceit to avoid an enemy invasion, I did another thing. I told him to produce cruisers instead of battleships, and to move his navy spread out across the entire Russo-Chinese coast. This made him think I wanted his navy spread out, because I couldn't destroy his big stack of 40+ battleships. So, he stacked his battleships into a group of 40 to do what he thought I disliked. Secretly, I was enjoying this since a single stack is far less annoying than small stacks everywhere. Eventually, I got naval bombers (and I had air factories for Ints, so the transition was again swift and smooth) and surprised him again. His 50-army sunk to 30 lv5-6 naval bombers since it had no high-level cruisers. Again, he was pretty annoyed and thought I had spammed gold, lol.

      The fact that there's no way to prove you're not using gold is annoying, but the fact that my gameplay made others think I was using gold is equally satisfying (lol).

      Anyway, let's move from the Brit Columbia vs me engagement, to the others. Indochina attacked in Europe and seized it from the Americans. I eventually sent some 20 elite Ints in to protect Indochina against Columbia and Brazil's bombers, but the main win condition was Indochina's massive army. After Europe, our troops went to Africa. By that time, my units were seizing Africa from the south side too.
      (Luckily, their absence in China for the preceding 3 days didn't cause losses, because Brit Columbia wasted so much time travelling through the mountains - I had those LTs by the time he broke out.)

      We cut through enemy defences easily. It turned out later that most of the Americans had many units idling at home, even Brit Columbia, who in my opinion was the player (I only talked about his failure, but he actually appeared strong throughout the game). Then, I sent LTs to North America where they weren't really expected. I just avoided enemy defences and swiftly captured many undefended cities - 50 or so. The only player core to the continent was Brit Columbia on the other side, so no wonder there were few defences and I could cut through easily. Through joint efforts with Indochina, we won the game that day.

      Our other 3 allies weren't that active, but they had the most significant naval force and also, military presence in Africa before we two got in. Papua especially had lots of units but went inactive in the end. Throughout the Pacific war, many enemy fleets got sunk by our submarines, but as they were online less, the 3 players couldn't react to our messages in time and move their navies where revealed enemy fleets were heading. The American navy kept bombarding islands from which my strat bombers were scouting the area, so we gradually lost vision, but by the time it got serious, we already won the game.

      I still remember some of the names. Indochina was DelBosque, Philippines Master Kiritsugu, New Zealand was War Eagle7. If I decide to play a round in the future, gotta suggest to them that they join!

      On day 2, Commie China went inactive and let his units die to arty, and Sichuan attacked, so my defensive units had advantage. As a result, I had both conquered by the end of day 2. Their territory then became my heartland.

      Most of my units were produced there for most of the game. Thus, when Brit Columbia attacked from Kamchatka, he was miles away from doing any damage. That way, I could send troops elsewhere and let him invade for some time till I got new troops to kill him. Had he attacked my heartland, the game would've probably been lost for us, so that's luck bringing us to victory.

      If you still haven't gotten bored and quit reading this yet, thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it!

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    • The Pacific map (CoW 1.0) provided my longest round, because the opposing coalitions were both well matched and on different continents. Whereas the period of intense fighting usually lasts no longer than a couple of days until one side prevails, the naval battles continued for almost a week. We (Asian continent) were finally able to establish a beachhead in America at South Mexico. Our first landing was totally destroyed, but the second survived and was able to move inland. A small invasion crossed the Bering Strait into Alaska but became bogged down and didn't contribute much to the win.
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    • this is one of the biggest naval battle i experienced in this game. I used japan and faught alone with a coalition of 3 (papua, australia, borneo) it's change teritory really fast, philippines and sumatra change hand for like 5 times. I finnaly destroyed one of their strongest naval fleet near palau islan by using a scout tactics that kido butai implemented in real battle of coral sea WW2. I shown a picture where my smallest fleet engaging a naval battle with bigger fleet, but can manage a win without any casualities since i also using my 10 stacks high end naval bomber that launch from my carrier
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    • ThisIsNotGrandEmpire wrote:

      Once as Japan I fought Australia in the land, sea and air, possessing over 350 frontline troops while he had perhaps under 60...

      ... I lost

      (But he was nice, he let me in his coa and we won a coa victory)
      You had 350 troops...against 60...and you lost? Was he like 10x better than you, or were those troops all level 1 militia?
      Have an amazing rest of your day. ^v^

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    • _Pyth0n_ wrote:

      ThisIsNotGrandEmpire wrote:

      Once as Japan I fought Australia in the land, sea and air, possessing over 350 frontline troops while he had perhaps under 60...

      ... I lost

      (But he was nice, he let me in his coa and we won a coa victory)
      You had 350 troops...against 60...and you lost? Was he like 10x better than you, or were those troops all level 1 militia?
      No, we were about same skill, but my troops while they were not militia, they were all very low level. That's the main reason for the loss. You see since my economy was crap early on, I was forced to go quantity over quality, and then because of the upkeep and my economy breaking I was unable to research higher (or even if I did, upgrading my troops)
    • In my most recent game I experience the largest battle I’ve ever had. I was playing as Papua New Guinea. I had taken over New Zealand and Australia and partnered with Borneo who had taken over Philippines and Sumatra. Queensland was in a coalition with British Odisha who I caught with subs off my coast, so I declared war on him and sent naval bombers after them. Borneo was pushing into Southeast Asia as well and we were searching for allies. There were two coalitions in Africa and one had already dominated the other. There was another coalition in the Middle East. Pakistan was a new player who was in the Middle Eastern coalition, but reached out to me saying he was thinking about leaving his coalition and offered to have his subs scout BO’s coast for me since he noticed I was at war with them. I conquered BO and the African coalition made a move on the Middle Eastern coalition taking heavy casualties in the process. Sensing an opportunity, I made a Right of Way with Pakistan and moved through his territory while upgrading my troops. First thing in the morning I pounced, as they had weakened themselves, I was able to quickly seize all the Middle East in a single day to include: Persia, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey along with the other territory belonging to the AIs in that same area. The next day I crossed the Red Sea and took Egypt while fending off Nigeria (a member of the coalition in Africa).Nigeria wasn’t a new player (had played 16 games and had one coalition win).However, I was surprised when he sent his entire, considerably large navy at the Red Sea with the warships completely ungrouped. I was able to fend them of rather easily. Two other members of the coalition were North and South Sudan. I started the next day off pushing into their cores and had overrun N Sudan and was working my way through South when day change provided spy reports of Nigeria. He had learned his lesson of sending troops one at a time and was assembling the largest mega-stack I had ever seem just off my boarder with him.

      I immediately started sending my troops to deal with it. My troops at this time were largely rocket arty paired with regular arty along with regular infantry and Anti-tank using a large number of armored cars as scouts. Supported by ten attack bombers, ten tac bombers, and 16 interceptors. My arty and rocket were maxed level. I had upgraded my infantry just once directly to level three and hadn’t upgraded them since. My armored cars and anti-tank were also max level, with an air force all level two and three.

      The mega stack was a mix of virtually all infantry (regular, militia, and motorized) and tanks (light, medium, and heavy) of various levels. He had a handful of ATs as well but virtually no AA and only one piece of SP arty. He had one large stack and have several smaller stacks on their way to joining the large one. I counted and was 125 units all together. He was clearly overcompensating from the night before with his naval losses.

      I put my bombers to work immediately bombing the smaller units on their way to join the herd. I had my three ground stacks moving towards the mega-stack and started to engage it. I kept one AC with the ground stacks. My intention was to use it as part of my bombard and retreat strategy. I often use one to go off in a different direction from my main stacks at a providence center so I can then send it back to retake the providence to keep favorable movement rates for me to continue bombarding and retreating. Each stack of my arty was doing about 50 damage a pop, but this beast had just over 3,000 HP when I started to engage it. Nigeria fired one rocket at my ground troops, then as the last of his smaller stacks were done moving to join it, he fired a second rocket at the airstrip where my planes were based out of grounding them for a few hours. Shockingly he was content to exchange artillery fire with me while my ACs moved around and started wrecking his core. Once his mega-stack was at about half strength he decided the arty duel was a bad idea and tried to go around me. Problem was his unit was badly damaged and not moving fast. I stuck my bombers on him again to keep the pressure on and moved my ground stacks into place where he would have to endure a long period of bombardment before reaching the providence center. By the time I went to bed, the mega-stack had been reduced to just 48 units and was unlikely to take the next providence, but I placed my bomber stack on patrol on the other side of the providence center anyway just to be sure it couldn’t go far.

      Here are three screenshots: around the time of initial contact, when I went to bed, and the casualties in the morning from the newspaper.


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    • Z. Sakki wrote:

      A hundred man stack with no arty/aa. That's mouthwatering.
      Yeah, it was the largest battle I'd fought, certainly not the most competent opponent. In fact, this player was probably the worst tactician I had faced so late in the game. This battle took place on day 14. Most of his coalition was singularly focused on fighting with and against tanks. I had no units of the heavy armor class at all so it was a pretty significant mismatch.
    • Eh it's difficult to remember since I've been playing for six years by now - with some breaks ofc - but I'll try. What comes to my mind is the first historic wold war I've played. A friend of mine and I joined together and waited til a new map opened, it was a new scenario at this point. We agreed on playing Western Europe so he hopped in as France (I wouldn't have haha) and I went with the British.

      Early in the game we were trying to play defensive and build our economy and military up first, annoying with the colonies in Africa that cost you more food than you get in return. There was a coalition in Europe consisting of Germany, Italy and Spain. Also a news paper announcing peace between Sowjet Union and said coalition. Dumb to show everyone whos working together early in the game but whatever. So we knew what to expect and the three of them attacked my mate in France very quickly. Me, anticipating this, split my navy in two parts. The main part was moved to the Mediterranean Sea in order to harvest Italien cities and trash his infrastructure, the other one in the North Sea in order to wipe out the small German navy and burn Hamburg to the ground. My mate focused on Spain and destroyed his entire navy and bombed the cities of Barcelona, Malaga, Valencia and Bilbao, slowing down his economy. He had very little troops in the South anyway and struggled to fend Spain off, being forced to throw everything in the way of Germany and Italy.

      I was spamming rockets (back in the days I don't think they had maintenance costs) and airforce. I didn't have any new tanks or strong infantry. Only ships, planes, rockets and some commandos. So I was bombing west Germany day and night, grinding the morale of his main cities to zero and erasing all buildings with strat bombers. We got naval control easily and had an advantage in economy, thus playing the long term game. I was sending all the troops I had through the dover calais route to the German front of his and I had succes backstabbing Italy with my trash troops in Africa. Pretty much sacrificed Africa in order to keep him busy in his mainlands while his coastal cities were severly damaged. It worked but Italy, being the only one of the three, eventually powered through the French borders and got to Marseille and almost Limoges. This is when my mate said he'd like to leave his mainlands and withdraw back to Africa as Germany is getting through too. Told him not to as we were still holding strong. Germany, not having any worthy economy in the West and tunnelvision on France, got fooled by me when I invaded with a stack of twenty good men ;) near East Prussia through the Baltic Sea. I took Königsberg and rolled him like a carpet, almost taking Berlin. A second wave came through the Netherlands that he occupied and now it was him fighting on two fronts. My french mate was almost done at the border, the bunkers kinda destroyed but I told him to go in and helped with Aircraft. We managed to power through and eliminate Germany quickly. He sent me a message saying "well played" when I took Munich. casualties for him were something like 210k and mine were 28k. France ~150k, Germany 70k.

      With Germany out of the way, I went through the unarmed Alps and quickly took Rome as he was inside of Southern France with his troops. My mate was able to stop his advances and counter all the way through Mailand.

      Was only Spain left where neither of them could take any provinces. Invaded near Portugal and from that point, it was over for him. My mate tanked a lot and we really relied on time, attrition and patience. Granted, the naval power greatly helped us. Otherwise we may have lost. The Italian guy was not that good of a player, though. After that the map was chill as it werent 30 people on this map back then. We allied with Argentina and at some point rolled the Sowjet Union but it took forever with 200k casualties for him and 80k for us in total.

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