World map country choice

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    • World map country choice

      I am royally ticked. I cannot choose where I start in the world map. I beleive the reason the devs took out this wonderful ability was so that people wouldn't spawn next to each other and team. Well, it just happens to suck for the friendless people. Teaming and playing with friends is part of the game. Why take it out just to try and make the playing field a bit more fair? You have freaking high command and gold, for goodness sakes! Does that make things fair? Not really. Also, not everyone chooses their position to be near a friend. I, personally, would like to play as a southeast asian/australian/oceanaian nation. But, of course, the chances are rather low that I will, because that would involve opening multiple world maps, and not everyone has enough time to play lots of games, meaning they would immediatly quit the game if they didn't like their nation, and no one likes inactive players (I don't, anyway). Do you think inactive players or teams make the game less fun? People are going to team anyway, no way around that. So I see absolutely no reason not to add the ability to choose your nation back into the world map rounds.
      Also, when i the historical world map coming out?

      Conditional love,