How to Play if You Can't be Active

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    • How to Play if You Can't be Active

      Hello, all. There are many great guides here about how to use your troops better, how to make a better economy, and how to win games. However, there is one factor that matters more than knowing all of these good skills. Activity is very important in this game. It is much harder to win a war when you are not online for most of it. This is a problem I have to deal with. Between school, sleep, and sports, I have 2 8 hour shifts every day where I cannot be online. I have been dealing with this for most of my CoW career. I imagine most of you have, too. Here are some tips and tricks I have used to survive this.

      1. Start games when you can be active. I have found that when I start games on Mondays or Tuesdays, I quickly fall behind. I simply cannot be as active on weekdays. However, when I start on a Friday or Saturday, I can establish a base from which to work with pretty fast. I can get the quick research and first conquest out of the way fast. Then, I will have a solid base on the weekdays, making it easier to invade.

      2. Try to begin major wars when you can be active. While it is inevitable that you will be attacked when you aren't ready. However, if you attack someone, make sure you do it when you can be active. If you are attacking someone much weaker than you, who you will beat easily, you can attack when you are less active. If you are attacking someone to start a major war, it is best to delay it until you can be active. Even if they are more prepared after a few days, you will be more prepared to fight them.

      3. DEFENSE.

      It is much easier to defend than attack. Especially when you're inactive. I tend to consolidate my forces into a few stacks defending vital terrain, rather than spreading out over a whole front. If you spread your forces along a front when you are inactive, it is easy for the enemy to attack one weaker province and go behind your lines. As you cannot send reinforcements to provinces being attacked, enemies can easily break through your lines. However, if you retreat and consolidate your units into short supply lines, you can stop any enemies that attack and reassume positions if they don't. It is much easier to keep air superiority over 1 stack than 10.

      4. Airforce Patrol is your best friend. Patrol over chokepoints with your air force, and you'll usually be able to defend your soldiers from air, and hurt the enemy ground forces badly. Interceptors are best if idle.

      5. Navy Consolidate your capital ships into several groups. Your subs can stay alone. If inactive, keep your ships close to shore with naval bomber protection.

      When you can be more active, attack again. I hope that this rambling guide had some useful information.

      - David Goggins

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    • I would say that no plane should be left idle, patrolling is best... In most cases.
      Good guide, first time I see people vouch for activity. It is really important and not everyone talks about this.
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    • Karl von Krass wrote:

      I would say that no plane should be left idle, patrolling is best... In most cases.
      Good guide, first time I see people vouch for activity. It is really important and not everyone talks about this.
      I am still exploring best tactics for air but definitely send interceptors on patrol (even if its not to guard chokepoints as it doesn't do significant damage to ground units), it would be better than letting them stay idle if the enemy attacks your province. Making sure that you have a second airbase in range would also be beneficial if they decide to attack your airbase.

      I have had this in larger/longer games like World at War, but if you have been playing for a while, the enemy may notice times where you are inactive and those times, it would be better to retreat troops/planes at least until you are active again.
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    • Excellent advice! Balancing real life and game activity is a challenge most players face. Your strategic approach to when and how you engage in battles based on your schedule shows that planning and effective use of defense can still keep you in the game even with periods of inactivity. The use of air force patrols and naval tactics especially caught my attention. Keep up the great work!
    • A smart thing is to find times to check for a few minutes in a day. Like passing periods in schools, or those times your boss is away and business is low so you can quickly check your phone and make moves. Using mobile (browser) is crucial for increasing activity.

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