Curious about some units...

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    • Well it depends a lot on your activity level and your plans... but when you say you have left three tabs alone, it seems you aren't really on the correct track. It probably means you have done a lot of parallel research on units with similar roles? For example, usually you don't need Armored cars AND light tanks AND motorized infantry... mobile AND foot artillery... militia AND infantry. I think you should at LEAST develop interceptors on the air tab, and probably tac bombers as well; and you shouldn't completely negate the navy as well; at least have some levels of sub research done.
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    • 6thDragon wrote:

      Lord Crayfish wrote:

      6thDragon wrote:

      Yeah, funny we have different preferred units.
      Even funnier that you think militia is a controversial choice but preferring infantry is normal.
      Whoops I meant motorised infantry.
      Ha, that makes more sense! But I actually do play with regular infantry when I play Pan Asian. I'm probably a rarity for that. They're cheap and well rounded defensive unit with decent terrain bonuses.
      I'm not a mot infantry player myself. I only play Pan Asian or Comintern and have very different play styles depending on my doctrine.

      Comintern, late game ground stacks of SP rocket arty, SP arty is best with tank destroyers, SPAA, and ACs protecting and scouting for them. I rarely play with air as Comintern. It requires you to be active, but you can just bombard and retreat until your enemy is defeated. Everything is mobile.

      Pan Asian I use ground stacks of regular arty with rocket arty. I don't spring for the SP versions because of the speed bonuses. I just use regular infantry and ATs to protect them and don't bother with AA because of how good Pan Asian interceptors are. Just give ATs research priority so they don't slow you down. I do usually go heavy on air with just interceptors, tac and attack bombers. Armored cars to scout too. Pan Asian armored cars are hard to stop when you have air power working in conjunction. Have the bombers clear their path of anything small and send ground stacks at any significant ground formations.

      Naval strategy is the same regardless of doctrine. Just focus on cruisers and destroyers. Subs and carriers are situational as are naval bombers. Naval bombers can be great for coastal defense or naval choke-point control.
      focus on battleships also
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    • I'm a little late to the party, but you have a point that I agree with! Battleships are only truly great for Pan-Asia, as they are fast with amazing buffs. For the Comintern or Axis, I would strongly suggest cruiser spams because both have excellent HP and are generally fast enough to evade subs. You only need couple of destroyers for detection purposes. The main issue is that Pan-Asian battleships can go essentially the same speed as the cruisers, so closing the gap to get within cruiser firing range is difficult to do.

      Allied cruisers really have little hope of closing that gap and are also cannot outrun subs, so an alternative may be desirable for them.