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      WORLD WAR (how the teamwork can beat stronger enemy)

      the war took place in world at war round public game (5308878)

      World War or WW1 obten abbreviated as the great war was a global conflict that lasted from day 12 to day 22

      it involved the vast majority of world's country including all of the great powers, forming 2 opposing military alliances

      ---- The Southern Alliance and The Eastern Coalition directly involving more than 500+ unit from both sides

      the story will often tell as a alliance's POV cus i was part of the alliances :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

      PARTICIPANTS - commanders/leaders and country

      The Southern Alliance (SAA)VSThe Eastern Coaliton (CCCP)
      South Argentina (Adyra24)
      (supreme alliance commander)
      Ukraine (General Hristov)
      (supreme Coalition commander)
      Sao paulo (ERMIAW469)
      (commander in chief of alliance's ground force)
      Central Russia (Xenzenox)
      East Brazil (KingalexKR)
      (commander in chief of Alliance Intelligence Service)
      Persia (user17671724)
      (commander in chief of CCCP armed force)
      Peru (Papihanz)
      (commander in chief of alliance's navy)
      North Ural (Thed83)
      Venezuela (Tolol_aja)
      (commander in chief of alliance's air force)

      Casualties and losses (Alliance forces)
      -----Casualties and losses (Coalition Forces)

      • 154.370 Dead
      • Heavy Losses to Submarines and Infantry
      • Heavy Casualties on Army Group Sao Paulo

      • 542.147 Dead
      • Heavy Losses on LT and Med. Tank
      • Larges numbers of convoy, submarine and BS sunk
      • Heavy damage to industry
      • their leader inactive on day 17 lmfao

      Results :

      • Southern Alliance Victory
      • Mediteranian is now under alliance control
      • Coalition Forces Withdraw from Africa
      • Total Destruction Of Ukraine Forces
      (it's been while since i fought epic battle like this altrough i fight againts noob but its still epic)

      Pre war Situations :


      Blue : Alliance-held territory (at war with northern resistance, eastern coalition)

      Yellow : Northern Resistance (at war with : southern alliance)

      Red : Coalition-held territory (at war with Southern Alliance)
      Light Red : Coalition's Puppet states (Australia,New Zaeland, Southwest Africa etc)

      Green : Neutral Country ( Papua new gunea, South West Africa (last member of africa NATO that still alive) and Indochina)

      WHITE : AI (unclaimed by active players)

      Economy : the coalition are basically superior, the amount of teritory they hold is provides numereous resource
      even ukraine and persia alone with 600 ton per day beat entire alliance's resource production rate, great coalition's advantage over the alliances.

      Military : economy produce military, vast territory = large economy = strong military
      once again the coalition won over the alliances. but lets see how their greatest advantage is also their greatest weakness on the battlefield.

      Political Relations : the coalition is basically occupied 45% of the whole world (including their puppet states)
      with that power they can threaten other weaker country and make them their meatshield. there's coalition's troops stationed in austalia, just in case if australia rebel they will make it done australia itself.

      theres 3 big coalitions are in the map when the war is about to begin, CCCP coalition, Southern america alliance, and the african nato (french sudan, Mauritania, Upper volta, tanganyika and SWA) that controling all of africa continent


      American central war :

      military conflict that last from day 6-end in america continent, 2 opposing military alliances formed

      -- the southern alliance and the northern resistance, the southern alliance launch operation kacang sangrai as a respond to a kentucky's invasion of Venezuela-occupied Cuba.

      150 troops land on david and begin their advance towards north, an unknown enemy troops appoarching as the alliances began to set formation and ready for the battle.

      The battle of Managua :


      First and also last decisive battle in american central war. around 150 troops from alliances and 90 troops from resistances of variaty armor class involved, no aerial battle happen, just a artilery and battleship shelling each other.

      Almost entirely troops of northern resistance perished, the rest is fleeing from the battlefield, while only minor casualties from the alliances and few unit wounded.

      As the battle of managua end with alliance victory the Alliance supreme commander, Adyra24 want to shutdown Kentucky's industry and stall any army production that can little bit slowing down alliance
      so, alliances aerial campaign begin, part of operation kacang sangrai with objective is to shutdown resistance's industry.


      as the sun rising,Venezuelan 16th bombardment wing take off from its airbase in cuba, fly over the enemy land in 1 mission, destroy the city!! the bombers fly without escort

      as you can see, kentucky's heavy industry at Nashville and memphis had already flattened with soil, no building left and the morale is 0% in the next day my army are land on florida to pushing kentucky inland, this is weird cus i meet no enemy troops well.. maybe beacuse they are gone in battle of managua

      contens :

      Day 10 : War Breaks out in Africa
      Day 11 : Foothold on the battlefield
      Day 12 : The Fall of Africa NATO
      Day 13 : Operation Kacang Telor
      Day 14 : The world war has (really) begin
      Day 15 : A lost day
      Day 16 : Town of sorrow
      Day 17 : A fleet at the bottom of the ocean

      War Effort SO far :
      Tactic and strategy
      Industry & resources
      the armies

      Day 18 : one down 2 more to go
      Day 19 : the end is like the beginning
      Day 20 : Sky Above Tehran
      Day 21 : Operation Cockroach

      ok, lets start then


      it's day 10 and american central war its seems to be alliance victory with only yukon & New England are still under resistance's control
      we're pretty sure that the bigger war is coming and soon we focused our attention at far east
      CCCP eastern Coalition is at its peak!!
      damn, they're now attacking africa NATO and attemping to land on africa, the alliance's highcommand agree that alliances force need to make a foothold on africa before coalition forces annex the whole continent.
      seems like a 40% of the world it's not enough for them.


      Last Article writted by africa NATO before their fall


      Preparation :

      Its day 11 and the alliances are prepared to make a foothold in africa that later will be the battlefield
      town of Natal in maranhao occupied by east brazil are chosed to be assemble point, Fleet, Tanks, Infatries, Ordnances, and planes are coming every hour from alliance country


      War Book (by Tolol_aja) : how to flattened a city

      As the Venezuelan 17th Bombardment Wing take off to do a first alliances operation launched beyond america continent, the ground troops are assemble in the port, ships are boarding troops, goods and ammunition, and a alliances fleet are appoarching the port. a massive assemble for a massive operation

      make sure the target have a at least 4 building and morale is above 90% to make the bombing worth it, hahahaha

      the bomber fly over the bamako to scout,

      if you guys like it i will continue this playtrough, the game is already ended anyways


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