air plane convoy

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    • air plane convoy

      I am confused regarding airplane convoys..I`ve been playing a while and I`m getting it but I don`t understand how to use them..I always research air force early and they seem to appear near the beginning of the game..I get the idea that they are used to move airplanes around but if I fly to a new spot they follow..i don`t get the point..what am i supposed to do with them ? I always end up with a bunch of convoy trucks sitting in the middle of a war ;(
    • Hi Forrest,

      If your airplanes are turning into trucks, that is a problem. Can happen in 2 ways:

      1. You do not have enough air strips (or Aircraft factories). I think this is the problem you are running into...If you have one airstrip in Madrid Spain and you have another air strip in Moscow, you can't just fly all the way from Madrid to Moscow. Your airplanes have a limited range. In that scenario, you would want probably need about 6-7 air strips in between Madrid and Moscow (just a rough guess!). If you put the 6-7 air strip in between Madrid and Moscow, and they are spaced properly, then your planes will not turn into trucks at all. Your planes will stay in the air the whole time, except when they make a quick stop for gas at some of the air strips that are in between. If you try to fly from Madrid to Moscow and you don't have enough air strips...or they are not properly spaced out...then the planes will turn into trucks and will drive part of the way (or all of the way, if you don't have any air strips in between Madrid and Moscow). You never want your planes to be trucks, so...put up enough air strips so that they can fly in from air strip to air strip without needing to drive at all.

      2. If your planes are in the air and the air strip (or aircraft factory) that they are located in takes damage, your air planes can turn into trucks. This is really bad and you do not want this for sure. To prevent this, you need to protect your air strips and/or have high level air strips.

      Good luck.
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