Private HWW Map - Release Notes

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  • Private HWW Map - Release Notes

    Release Notes - 2022-05-24

    Attention, General!

    Due to popular demand from the community, the 30-player map 1939 Historic World War can now be created as a private map by any player with a Premium Account. You can join these private maps for free if you yourself have a Premium Account, or for a fee of 5,000 gold if you do not have a Premium Account. Please note that we will monitor this new option closely and may adjust or remove the map if necessary.

    With today's update we re-worked the "Home Screen" of the new Beta Client to improve its usability and provide you with the most valuable information and options immediately after entering the game.

    Last but not least, we implemented a change designed to increase game performance and address FPS drops when hovering over elements on the map.

    For a complete overview and all the details about today's changes, updates, and bug fixes, please check our detailed Release Notes and share your feedback here on the forums and our Discord server with us.

    Best of luck on the battlefield!

    Your Bytro team
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  • "Popular Demand from the Community..."

    I'm pretty sure that many other cards in other modes have been requested for a very, very long time agp already.
    There are now 18! current new maps created, none of which are full of players. This will also be the case in the future. In principle, the fact that the historical can be created is not bad, but please, what is that supposed to mean?
    Now 3 players arrange to create the map at the same time and immediately select the strongest nations ..... the map is already decided.
    1. Takes all players who play this card for the first time the fun of the game and thus lose interest I think.

    2. There is a risk of the servers being overwhelmed or overloaded?!

    A long time ago I suggested that England or Germany, for example, should not be in a coalition with Russia. France. You should separate the axes from the allies and communists, so doctrine requires, That would be the least..

    Actually i am fine cauze dont need to play the map anymore ;)

    My suggestion it´s not about any specific map, it´s about the possibility to create speed maps...
    There are plenty Players who wait for that,even players who just play speed maps- Bytro should to think about it, even just permanent available not only to create
  • The regular system created historical world map is still available, and players don't need to pay a Gold entry fee to enter them. So you can still play those maps if you don' want to join the player created maps.

    It was mainly meant for the RP community to create these maps themselves as they were often requested from the support team, so it is surprising to see so many regular players also making use of it :) But as the news text said we will keep monitoring it.
  • It´s really not about the Gold contribution.. Since everybody can get free 5 k Gold in 3 day´s it will not be an issue
    There now 39 on German and 77 on the US/UK Servers new created.

    Again..I can deal with it and all other´s too i guess ;) , it's just not logical, especially with future server overloads.Thats will be the main issue..

    Maybe I'm misunderstood. Unfortunately, the historical map is not historical! Perhaps that the community wants it as an RPGmap is more due to the wrong settings, as I mentioned in the previous post. If it is properly tuned, it makes sense and creating the map for everybody with gold is pointless. Proposals would be e.g. 1. Doctrine bound 2. Random country selection

    You would not only satisfy the RPG community and the historical world map would ultimately live up to its name and finally be more realistic
  • It is historical enough that RPG Communities contacted the support team alot of times to create the map for them. Now those communities can create the map themselves. Seems though that also alot of regular players love creating the map. As I said, we will monitor how this develops and if it creates any issue we reserve the right to remove the map again. Right now I don't see an immediate red flag and we should see how this develops over time.
  • Maybe it is possible to just have the option of removing a specific gamemode from appearing on the new games list? Or maybe a toggleable function so you can choose to see player-created maps?
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  • Player created games are at the bottom of the list, as well as older matches that did not get full. So if you only wanna see fresh system created games, just stay in the top sections of the list. Also the golden join button means it is the player created version of the historical map and not the regular one. So if you scrolled that far you know you are already in the player created section of the list.

    There are filter options, click the gear icon, you can filter for specific maps there (though you cannot use it to hide specific maps).