Troop Veterancy

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    • Troop Veterancy

      I have no idea whether these have been suggested before so please don't complain in the comments.

      I was playing a game where I had a unit of commandos with 18 kills, and though about whether something should be implemented to merely improve the immersion of the game. Maybe they would have slight buffs depending on how many kills they had, how long they had been in combat, or just how long they had existed for. The same applies to where they were produced, perhaps troops produced in provinces with lower morale would have decreased statistics.
      Also, perhaps a function could be implemented so that it is possible to train troops before sending them into battle. This would increase their stats, and would maybe double their upkeep.
      Another idea would be a researchable aerial transport, so that all units could board a transport plane at an airfield or aircraft factory, and be flown to the front. This would maybe work similar to the paratroopers conversion, although it would be a lot quicker, and they couldn't drop in any province like paratroopers, instead having to be flown to a friendly airfield.
    • Woah that's alot to unpack, I'll give it a go anyway

      1. Veterancy based on kills and duration of combat would only be relevant if their was a healing system non-gold feature in-place. If your prized unit gets wounded you'll have to let them wander around your country for a couple days before they can even go back into the fights. As for having experience for exisiting longer, I don't think doing drills over and over warrants a distinguished buff.

      2. Moral affecting quality of troops sounds interesting but forces players to their core and might get messy around day change.

      3. This feature seems to ignore the fact you research better troops, that equips the next generation with better gear and tactics rather than training individual units.

      4. Paratroopers compared to the rest of the army, are small in numbers and lightly equipped. Moving units to the front in cargo planes, would move not just men, but all their supplies and support weapons. If you're looking to create a fast road to the front invest in an infrastructure road.

      In summary, I SMELL GOLD.
      Make HWW all in, a staple gamemode :thumbup: