How to write to an Smod or mod

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  • How to write to an Smod or mod

    I keep getting the useless advice here to contact either Jaws or CzarHelios if i want to report any problems. I have yet to get a reply to my messages i send back when emailed to my personal email server. I have endeavored to try to get replies back in forums as well and it is just deleted or ignored due to non posting of certain problems in the game. How can i actually follow the advice; "Contact Jaws or CzarHelios if you have any problems to report; when they never respond except to say you can't post it here in forum and never recieve replies from email replies either. The few times I have got replies in forum is just to tell me it is not Forum appropriate or violates the ToS rules, which i have read in depth. Just frustrated and aggravated at this lack of support is my main peeve. 8) :saint: :beer: :wallbash
    If it is possible; It is already done. If it's impossible it just takes a while longer. :tumbleweed: