Best way to counter a 5 SP, 5 anti air stack?

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    • Best way to counter a 5 SP, 5 anti air stack?

      Going against an opponent on 100 World at war who on day 5 managed to pump out 5 lv1 sp arty and 5 lv 1 anti air arty as axis. Destroying this would be a massive blow (I would hope). I would think a light infantry stack with normal arty would be a good counter but I wouldnt be able to hunt em down because of the massive diff in speed. (I'm axis in this game btw). Any ideas? :(
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    • Any armor killer is good when you manage to melee them: LT's (MORE than a few!), MT's, TD's, heck even AT (best plus militia/inf) can do a decent job, especially if you manage to ambush them. The problem will probably be about catching them into melee, if he is active enough that will be hard. When you can't, maybe consider air despite that heavy air defense; the stack hasn't got much meat on it. Painful to do, but it CAN take them out.

      Why would you say there's a "massive diff in speed"? The AA makes him very slow as well?
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    • If it were me, I would try putting a small stack of Anti-Tank to escort a unit to use as bait, maybe a tank of your own. Approach them through a forest and try to get them to chase you into your AT. It doesn't sound like they have a scout unit to observe the stealth units and you could try to get them to bombard you. For best results make it appear you reverse course when you see them to get them to chase you.
    • Also Nadda if you're by the coast maybe consider getting Battleships for coastal bombardment. Try and trap him in a coastal forest province, and surround him with stealth units like militia and anti-tank. Don't direct attack then with the stealth units, but you might want to get some mediums together and then forced march them so they catch up with the enemy stack.

      Also, how the hell did they get that much ordnance? If it was normal artillery and anti-air, understandable, but both are SP? Either 1. They didn't focus on anything else (specifically planes, since they wouldn't have the goods available), or 2. They're golding (uh-oh).
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    • 6thDragon wrote:

      If it were me, I would try putting a small stack of Anti-Tank to escort a unit to use as bait...
      Using stealth is probably one of your cheapest bets here. A half stack of half-way researched anti-tank is cheap and would devastate this guy if he ran into it unexpectedly.
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    • As others have pointed out, ambush with AT's is a great option, probably the best if he doesn't have invis detection.

      Regular artys are viable. They're unarmored and good vs light, and spaa is light and bad vs unarmored. Stack it with AA and Inf and its good to go.

      You can also do rush units, LT, MT, etc., they'd eat that stack easily, that is if you can make contact. One thing you could do is utilize the ms penalty that comes with unfriendly territories. If he doesn't have invis detection, station a militia near the prov center he's heading, let him take it and as he moves out of the province onto the next one, recapture it. Now he's stuck between 2 hostile provs, with the -50% ms penalty, your rush stack would have no problem closing in.

      If he does have invis detect, a force march AC could replace the militia as the recapture unit, maybe stack 2 so it wouldn't get bursted if he gets in range. Just calculate the time it would take to recapture and adjust the whole thing around that. If you wanna be extra cheeky, paras could do the recapture instead. You'd need Ints though if he has a sizable airforce.