(Suggestion and Critisism) Pay2Win!? Gold should be nerfed, lel!

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    • (Suggestion and Critisism) Pay2Win!? Gold should be nerfed, lel!

      I played a game(I was Germany) in which a guy started as North Ural spammed the gold :wallbash ... I know it's not my problem about how people spend their money, but it just ruined the game for me. I couldn't have fun and made me think of why should i play it when there are people who buys thousands of gold and spam them just because they are noobs... Now it's day 17 and he ate half of europe and some from Asia. callofwar.com/play.php?uid=4131825&gameID=1311652 Take a look and convince yourself. The problem is that in that game almost everyone uses gold... For example south west africa in first day had tanks.. I just want to know if anyone had a game like this and i want to show you how the gold should be nerfed in my opinion:
      1.Gold for buying 5000 resource whould be at 6000-7,500 depending on resource. 7,500 for rare material and grain
      2. Boost Reseach time should be split to 6 hrs each buy of it.
      3. Speedup production and building should be 1,500 gold for each use.
      4.Morale boosting will depend on unit type and how many units do you have. For example 10% for 1 medium tank would be 125 gold.

      I know it's a bit exagerated, but at the moment gold it's too op and with 5000 gold you can do very much.

      EDIT with more gameplay: I started as Germany, everything was fun and i thought i can do more things in that game, i formed the 3rd reich and (day 6-7 i think)captured poland(wanted to be more historic in that game) and Axis(with Romania, Yugo, Sweden, UK) until Volga Perm warned us to not expand in Russia. I could not tolerate that so we went war. In first day of war nothing was wrong, Sweden almost took Central Russia's capital. Second day and thirth was cancer. North Ural spammed the **** out of light tanks(30+) and bombers(10+). My troops got rekt, still wasn't pushed back in Germany. Sweden got screwed and died in 2-3 days, killed by North Ural. The war looked bad for me and axis. Even Romania tried to use some gold too, but wasn't enough, still we pushed them in Ukraine and Central Russia. North Ural units got recked by my submarines. They pushed out from Central Russia with more planes and spammed even more tanks. I decided to sign peace treaty. Volga Perm said first will give me Sweden, Denmark, Finland and let us keep ukraine plus Belarus, after that he said will give me only 2 provinces. I warned them(day 13-14). The world became hostile with them. After the warning, North Ural spammed even more tanks, bombers and i got destroyed in 1 day(day 16)... Romania got eat today...(day 17). Yugo is inactive. In just 17 days and 10 days of war, North Ural killed us(4 guys), now he has airports and factories on every single province and 1st place on mightiest armies, technology. 8% armies and the others had 4-5%...