Call of War 2.0 - Part One

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    • Call of War 2.0 - Part One

      Release Notes - 2022-07-21

      Call of War 2.0 - Part One

      Attention, General!

      Two years ago, we set out to modernize Call of War, and to bring it up to today’s strategy game standards. We decided to split the rework into two parts: A gameplay overhaul and a visual overhaul. Together with the gameplay changes of CoW1.5, today’s visual update will complete the rework. Welcome to Call of War 2.0!

      CoW 2.0 makes the game more beautiful on all platforms. This starts with the menus, making it easier to browse your ongoing games while also increasing the visibility of currently ongoing events.
      In-game we added new functionalities. Should you ever get lost in your vast empire, there’s now a handy feature to pin your favorite provinces and units, allowing you to quickly select them at a later point. And if you need an overview of all your armies in one place, the new army list has you covered.
      In addition to these new features, we’ve also improved existing menu screens. Layouts were unified, making important buttons and information more accessible, such as with the now reworked province list and unit detail info panels. We also used the chance to make things more beautiful here, updating the unit detail info panel with a rendered graphic of the unit, and colorizing the historical pictures.

      While we are really excited to share the new map visuals with you, we made the decision to postpone their release. During the latest rounds of testing it became increasingly clear that the new visuals, while looking great, also still affect performance on lower end devices to a degree that we're not happy with. We're always aiming to deliver high quality updates for Call of War thus, even if it means a delay, we are opting to invest the necessary time and effort to meet our own standards; especially with such a major update.
      We will keep you updated on this and will release the map textures with a further update, as soon as they are truly ready.

      CoW 2.0 replaces the legacy client. Do not worry though, Call of War still plays like the game you love, as the update solely improves the visual aspects of the game. You will find the new client to be much more convenient than its predecessor. Should you still find something that you think could be improved, do not hesitate to let us know here on the Forums or on our Discord-Server.

      And last but not least, we’ve also snuck in a gameplay change. Coalitions and solo players now share the same ranking. The rankings are based on who has achieved the highest percentage of their victory point goal. To easily keep track of who is in the lead, head to the victory points panel. This change also allows us to give rewards to coalitions even if they don’t finish in first place.

      We’ve only covered a few of the changes made in CoW 2.0 here. For a complete list of all the changes, grab a beverage of your choice, and check out the extensive and detailed Release Notes!

      Welcome to Call of War 2.0, and best of luck in all your battles!

      Your Bytro Team
    • I don't get what the problem is with letting people decide which design to use, just like before. I dont really have a problem with the new design (except that its confusing) and i like that Bytro is at least trying. But at least fix it before forcing us to use it. The front report button is literally covered by the chat, because the UI doesnt adjust to my ratio. Thats an easy fix. And I'm 100% sure there are way more visual bugs i haven't discovered by now.

      But overall i think people are over exaggerating, as if they're gonna leave because of this.
    • The new version of the game, the new look is much worse than the old one. It is much more difficult to navigate here. The fonts that show the production time of a combat unit or the construction time of a building are too faint and one must use glasses to see them. In a word: the new version of the game is a complete failure. Bring back the old one!
    • I'd also like to suggest something else in case of future changes to the game. Make it so that Bulgaria can be played to its full potential on every map. In the first half of the 20th century, Bulgaria had the strongest army on the Balkan Peninsula. The inclusion of Bulgaria in the First World War increased it by 2 years. Bulgaria also took part in the Second World War, although at the end. So it deserves to be a country that one can pick up and play with.
    • There is a lot of problem:
      1) Newspaper now too long for scroll. Hard to know whats happening. Previuosly you easily could see much more
      2) Team chat now looks like texting SMS in 2000 when you able to see only what you write. Also why waste so much space for FLAGS or big button start conversation? Previously you could see much more.
      3) Old stock market was easier to go in. Why you removed drop from the top?
      4) I would like to back money from front to end resource list.
      5) On research options also need scroll too much. Just remove that free space and give us ability easily compare what we get when we looking what we would like research.
      6) Same with production info. Why we need scroll so much to reach basic info how much unit deal dmg against other type units? Put that info in to easier window.

      And yes, I would like if there would be logical limit how much gold you can use in that one game. Very unfair when somebody just use millions of gold and you cant counter that just leave that round and hope in other will no be so much spenders.

      Good thing of 2.0 now on my PC game works with less lag.
    • freezy wrote:

      Thanks for the feedback so far everyone! Many of the questions in this thread were already posted in the other thread:
      Call of War 2.0 Preview

      In that other thread I already answered most of these questions and explained our reasoning. Just look for my posts in there. Then I don't need to post everything again. Thanks!

      I can't find an answer to me...

      pod_than wrote:

      Looked at the js file,I can see the images and gifs before ui processed it, which is interesting.
      But may be this an act that violates some rules?
      ↓ According to article 6 paragraph 1 in this URL,

      ( first part omitted )
      …“ 参加者はWebサイトとの接続に際して、ゲームの機能や運営に干渉する可能性のあるいかなる手段およびメカニズムやソフトウェアを利用してはならない。参加者はBytro Labsの技術上の許容能力に対して容認できないレベルまたは過度な負荷をかけるようないかなる手段も利用してはならない。”…
      ( rest omitted )

      Participants must not use any means, mechanisms or software that may interfere with the functionality or operation of the game when connecting to the website.
      Participants shall not use any means that would impose an unacceptable level or undue load on Bytro Labs' technical tolerance.

      Strictly interpreted of this article, if someone access the referenced image file from outside the game system──especially my matter of concern is pasting the URL to the unofficial wiki now, I'm worried about one possibility of over-interference.
      And the rule infringement...

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    • Don't complain, don't say bring back legacy....this is not going to happen. Do you remember when a lot of players leave the game when they change CoW 1.0 to 1.5? They don't mind; it's a pity.
      My last game is a map of 7 and only remains 6 active this a success for bytro? In the old 1.0 version I can still remember some epic wars...not anymore in this new game. Anyway, I wish luck to bytro with this game for phones and children; I will keep playing because the old friends, some of them already quit, so the end is near for the old players.
      PD. Excuse my mistakes in english.
      Si no tienes posibilidades de vencer, es el momento de atacar.
    • I dont know why you all so negative. Ok, its new and at first days its confusing. Just look for few extra minutes and you will get it where was moved. As I said previous there is some problems with design. Just need remove some fancy stuff to do some functionality. Like in coalition when somehow many free spaces for frames, but you can see only 1 member and his activity for others you need scroll. Its not tragedy, but very uncomfortable and very easy to fix it. Or in messages, on phone its all stacks up nicely like these days, but on PC you can see only 2-3 shorts or 1 long (again, remove some frame filling and will be usefull again).

      People leaving this game so fast not for this. For some its too slow for some too much time consuming to play.