Error in starting game

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    • Error in starting game

      Hello, firstly sorry for my bad english. Secondly I can't start my game. Here is why:

      You release new design update today. Lots of people are hate this update. Someone in help chat ask for way to select last design. I looked to settings and I saw the choice named MOBILE VERSION. I tried touch it and I got old design of game. I wanted to tell it to the asking man, but firstly I wanted to get back the new design, because I like it. Unfortunately it show me error. I tried it uninstall and install, but it still show me error. Please help me.

      My steam nick: jakub329cz

      Thanks for answer.
    • I did the exact same thing as op with the mobile version button. I've tried reinstalling and verifying integrity of files. It didn't resolve the issue. Evrytime I try to load the game on steam it says "Could not load game. Please go back to the website and try again.". I have been playing on the chrome version but I prefer the steam version. If anyone has had this issue and resolved it do tell!