Release Notes - 2022-08-16

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    • Release Notes - 2022-08-16

      Release Notes - 2022-08-16

      Attention, General!

      Last week we added the new Inventory system to a wider range of our players. This new system is currently in a test phase, and only accessible for a limited, randomly selected number of players.
      Booster Cards will replace functions that you can currently access with Gold, but they are more customizable and will let us expand on their functionalities in the future. Booster Cards can be activated to gain resources specific to the card. The Boosters will allow cunning players to get exactly the resources needed for every game situation, and provide a better deal than spending gold for the same resources. With foresight and planning, boosters provide excellent value!
      Please head to the dedicated channel on our official Discord Server if you have questions or feedback regarding the new Inventory system!

      There’s also exciting news about the delayed CoW 2.0 map visuals. Starting tomorrow the new map visuals will be available to Frontline Pioneers. Start a new Beta-Game to get a look at the upcoming rework, and share your feedback and suggestions with us!

      We also squashed some bugs. We fixed an issue where rewarded ads didn’t pay out correctly, and starting a construction projection from the missing requirements popup window now works as intended. Additionally we fixed wrong confirmation messages being displayed when rejecting trades from other players.

      For a complete overview of this update, please check out the detailed Release Notes and share your feedback with us here on the Forums and on our Discord Server.

      Best of luck in all your battles!

      Your Bytro Team