Tips for 2/3v1 situation

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    • Yea I guess the fact that they don't have upgrades is a double edged sword. As you've said a lvl5 regular arty would deal about the same damage but that's only at day 12 + 1 day of research so you'd have a 6 day window where in damage output, you're at a big advantage. Lvl5 is also the max lvl for arty discounting elite lvl and even then it doesn't really one up the rrg, as you've said it only reaches comparable damage values. Lastly, in a rrg v arty situation, the rrg would probably dish out 2 attack ticks by the time the arty stack gets in range so there's also that.

      Against air, I don't really see this as an issue, artys themselves are vulnerable to air but with AA's or Ints it's manageable. I don't see how that can't be applied to rrgs as well. The idea behind the militia is cheap meat shield to bulk up the stack, a lvl3 militia has the same hp as a lvl4 inf, if you unlock their elite lvl their hp jumps by another 50% about the same to that of a lvl6 inf. Yes they're slow but rrgs are slower so it's not like they'd slow down the stack.

      On speed, I'll concede it is an issue. It really is a snail of a unit. It's almost amazing how even with great damage values and the biggest range in the game, it's speed just makes it so repulsive, so repulsive that it trumps whatever good it has to offer.
    • On a side note, is AT really needed? I never really felt the need to build AT's. With arty already being an Anti-armor unit, it just feels unnecessary. Rush stacks are a valid concern sure but I think scouting it early on and then planning a non-plains route to shoot n scoot back into is enough. My only exception would be if you're playing Allies up against Pan.
    • In regards to the power of RRG, the thing is by the time you can build a stack of RRG, you've built many arty's over a long time to get into a winning position. You're not building RRG's if you're under pressure, you're pumping out more useful things just to survive. If a unit only comes into play when you're already winning, what does that prove? That you have enough skill to win despite the unit, not because of the unit. Artillery and infantry is what you have sitting around when you've won the hard way.
    • Well you would only build a stack, 10 and then never upgrade them. You're not swapping out a 'core' army for another, you're still only running one build, just that it has 2 phases. The first is a cheap expendable army meant only for taking out AI's and noobs. The idea behind the 2nd rrg phase is once all the noobs are out only competent players are left and it's fair to expect that some of them may also be running arty stacks.

      Battling an arty stack with an arty stack is expensive since the enemy could now damage you back for every damage point you dish out. It guts out the very inherent advantage that makes artys broken in the first place, it's now no different than using tanks against tanks. You now bleed.

      And even if you consider this to be two completely separate main builds, just because one particular strategy enabled you to triumph over someone at one particular stage of the game doesn't mean that's the strat to employ the entire game no ifs no buts. You have to adapt to new adversities, if the planes are no longer working because the enemy this time actually uses AA doesn't mean you should just die on the plane hill. The speed criticism I acknowledge still stands but this is just weird.
    • You are right. It's good to be flexible. If the enemy is building a massive amount of AA, then for sure, you're not going to throw your air force at stacks of AA. That's happened to me once or twice.

      It's not something that happens often. Even if the opponent has AA, he doesn't have AA everywhere. He's protecting a few stacks. The rest of the map is wide open for your air force. And since the opponent is focused on AA, that implies he's not building as much air power, which means your air force has the upper hand. You can leverage that advantage to destroy everything around those AA stacks.

      If the enemy builds a stack of doom around RRG+AA, then you might have an issue. Still, not the end of the world. Engage him in close combat with infantry or armor (depending on terrain) and start hammering with your artillery. And I'm not saying go head to head, 10 RRG versus 10 artillery. You can bring 3 stacks of 10 artillery each. RRG's are tough, but they are not that tough.

      Flexibility is important, as you say, and that's one of my main worries with the RRG. It takes a long time to research and build a stack of RRG, and once you go down that road, you're committed. What if the enemy has high-level militia that sneaks past your scouts to ambush your RRG's? What if the enemy has his own RRG's, are you going head to head? What if the enemy goes around your planned choke point, or you're facing a surprise attack on the other side of the continent?

      The price and speed of the RRG makes it a very risky investment that could lose you the game. On the other hand, it's not going to win you the game. Whatever situation the RRG excels in, you can overcome that situation with other units.
    • stardragon225 wrote:

      I had a similar situation as france in HWW a while back. My strategy was defend on the frontlines, and then sneak behind enmy lines. I also used my navy to bombard coastal troops. I held out for days agianst the rest of Europe.
      This is a year old thread. No need to revive it!

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