Aircraft carriers - buggy?

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    • Aircraft carriers - buggy?

      Is it me or is this unit most bugged unit in whole game?

      I have some really weird stuff going on with them..
      My planes are patroling thousends of miles away from them and I cannot land them down to the nearby port...
      Also some weird stuff is happening when they are upgrading...

      Any1 else noticed that?
    • Strule wrote:

      Is it me or is this unit most bugged unit in whole game?
      You are more right than you know. I haven't been playing as long as many here, but I've been hit with my share of aircraft carrier bugs.

      I've had planes get dumped in the ocean when I tried to relocate them from a carrier to a land-based airstrip.

      I've had them fly around the world when trying to ungroup the carriers they were based on.

      I do know better than to land planes on carriers while they are upgrading or initiate a carrier upgrade while there are planes on it. I've heard horror stories. Even though I haven't had issues with those last two, I know players who have.

      Simply put, carriers require a lot of special rules and are difficult to program. There are unique aspects of carriers due to them being a mobile airstrip.