Release Notes - 2022-10-25

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    • Release Notes - 2022-10-25

      Release Notes - 2022-10-25

      Attention, General!

      A shiny new update has been deployed, featuring some menu improvements and bug fixes. Let’s get right into it!

      It is now easier to join event and scenario maps with the new “Find Games” button that was added today. It’s located at the bottom of the event’s information window and takes you directly to the games list.
      We’ve also made improvements to the Alliance vs Alliance challenge menu. A new, clean look is combined with more available information about the challenge.

      The missing toggle button to switch between the default and the historical unit pictures has been located and is back in service.
      We also fixed an issue in the missing requirements window on mobile. It will now correctly display as red when research can’t be started because of game day limits.

      For a closer look at all the changes please check out the detailed Release Notes and share your feedback with us right here on the Forums and on our Discord Server.

      We wish you best of luck on the battlefield!!

      Your Bytro Team
      Discord: Call of War
      Facebook: Call of War
      Twitter: Call of War
    • I am to assume this update has caused Diplomacy Chat errors, the screen scrolls up without demand, and was fine before this update.
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