Looking for an alliance with specific goals

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    • Looking for an alliance with specific goals

      I hadn't played in awhile, and those I once played with seem to be gone. Not just the alliance, but Headbasher who was often involved.

      All I see now are alliances who join a game, create a coalition, and then each does their own thing otherwise. 3-5 people doing their own thing, but they have a "Flag". I'm not looking for that. They may as well play as individuals.

      I'm looking for an alliance where people jump into the same game and actually coordinate. For example, each sets up some defense but additional units from ALL 3-5 nail one target at a time to overwhelm them. None of the everyone fight a different 1-1 that makes an in game coalition pointless.

      If anyone is interested in a new member willing to 100% coordinate, instead of playing 1-1 with a "flag", let me know! However, even when active, I play one game at a time and will be gone at times between games.

      Otherwise, have fun, since that should be the point of it all!