Hungary 73p map

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    • Hungary 73p map

      do you have any advices about hungary for x4 73p map ??

      be friend with germany , romania , italy is ok
      attack to yugoslavia is ok

      enemies are of our coalition france , UK , USA , Soviet union

      how can I have well developed country , I have many friends too
      what would you produce ? where you would build factories ? what would you research ?

      goods and rare -15 , food and Iron +50 , Oil +250
    • Your over thinking it. doesn't matter what country your friends with, its the player behind the country you want to friend.

      Eg - Germany has joined 700 games won 0 has kdr of 0.33 they are not good pick to play with probably ditch you. now Poland has joined 158 games won 80 has KDR above 1.0 better pick why most likely to play the round with you

      Think stats of player no the countrey