Stealth unit partial info after fellow troops killed

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    • Stealth unit partial info after fellow troops killed

      I noticed that if I kill all units in a stack except the stealth unit(s) I can still see the location but not the identity of the unit(s), like the "far view" of units. I'm wondering under what conditions this occurs. Are there scenarios other than the above where this can happen? How about, for example, if you "mark" a stealth unit with a patrol tic while the stealth unit is scouted?

      ps. I don't think I had any scout units (e.g. ACs) within far view range which is what made me wonder, but now I can't remember how well I actually checked this. It was in a prov owned by me, but I don't think that affects spotting stealth units does it?

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    • Hm.. im not sure but what i can tell you is that once a unit moves(of course or from stationary) it is no longer classified under the tic your patrol unit gave you, hence your info can become very useless very fast if there are lots of stealth units and they are in lots of different groups, you will never know, and i just realized your question after i wrote this, its because your patrol unit is a lower level than the stealth unit.. :thumbup: and all units in your land are viewable no matter what.. as far as i know
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