Infrastructure doesn't benefit convoys?

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    • Infrastructure doesn't benefit convoys?

      I've got a bunch of rockets heading towards the front lines. I built infrastructure along their path, hoping to speed them up. However, once infrastructure completed, the ETA didn't change (even when I repeated the order, which normally recalculated ETA). Do convoys not benefit from infrastructure?

      (For what it's worth, despite being in convoy mode the rocket still displays a speed of 780kph, which didn't change after completing infrastructure, rather than the 40kph that a convoy should have.)
    • jubjub bird wrote:

      For what it's worth, despite being in convoy mode the rocket still displays a speed of 780kph
      Hrm, where exactly is that displayed? In the Unit Info under speed? I just tested a TAC with level 2 infra and it boosted speed from 40 to 94 which is right for 133% boost. When you click on stack does it say Convoy? What is the armor type? It should be light armor.
    • Unfortunately phone screenshots are too large to attach so I can't show you.

      To answer fox's questions, yes, the convoy is in a province that just had L1 infra completed and has several provinces between it and its destination that also just had L1 infra completed. As far as I know infra benefits don't kick in until L1 is fully complete, so it should have instantly gone from No Benefit to Full L1 Benefit (higher levels have incremental benefit when they're partially completed but that is not the situation here).

      DxC, when I click the unit its name is "24th airplane convoy" and the class distribution says Light Armor. The 780kph speed is shown both at the bottom middle of the basic unit info screen (the one you see when you first select a unit) and at the top right of the Army Details info screen (the one you see when you click the unit's name).
    • Hmmm, well I just got an airplane on the ground (a single interceptor) and its speed is displaying as 480kph rather than 40kph, so maybe it's not just rockets? Strange, this is counter to the result you got when you tested with your tacs.

      I don't have any infrastructure near this plane so I can't test to see what happens when it hits infra
    • I just tested it with a flying bomb on lvl 2 infra and it is also 94 just like the TAC. I don't see any large speed values like you do. I moved my TAC convoy to lvl 1 infra and it is still boosted. However it is going 84 km/h. This is 110% boost, but level one should only be 67% boost. Maybe the reported 67% for lvl 1 is wrong?
    • Alright, extra weird because I tested it again and this time the ETA did decrease when a L1 infrastructure completed (and when I re-ordered the unit to its destination). This happened for both rocket convoys and airplane convoys.

      Sooo seems like there's nothing to see here and I somehow misread the previous instances (though I tested it like 4 times and have no clue how I might have messed it up). The only issue is a cosmetic one, displaying airspeed rather than ground speed for airplane convoys, potentially just on this map or just on mobile or some other combination of factors that I'm hitting and DxC isn't.