Battleships of minor powers

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    • Battleships of minor powers

      It has been suggested that this be mentioned in the forums.
      Japan, the UK, and the USA each start with fewer than 10 battleship units (6 for Japan, who in 1939 had 10 battleships, including the Kongous but not the obsolete Settsu). This would imply that a "battleship" is in fact a squadron of around two battleships (why they are named as one is another matter).
      The fate of the Empire depends on this battle; let each man do his utmost.
      — Tōgō Heihachirō, Battle of Tsushima

      England expects that every man will do his duty.
      — Admiral Horatio Nelson, Battle of Trafalgar

      Mon centre cède, ma droite recule; situation excellente, j'attaque.
      — Marshal Foch, Battle of the Marne

      Aeroplanes are interesting toys but of no military value.
      — Marshal Foch

      A pretty mechanical toy [...] the war will never be won by such machines.
      — Lord Kitchener, on tanks