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      Wanted to share some thoughts on the gameI find most of the players Ive played with stop playing due to lack of quality games. Playing together got too easy and other than a few good battle early on the result would become obvious and the rest of the game was just going through the motions and pretty boring. The game wasnt challenging and they would stop playing.
      I think what the game needs is ranked games and a ratings system. Placing a gold cap on the ranked games. Have 3 different ratings lik ein chess. A rating for normal speed, 4x and 10x. Allow players to create the games and decide what the gold cap is, but also greater gold rewards for the games with a higher gold cap
      Have games with a minimum rank to join, some games with a maximum rank to join and some games with an open cap. So that players of different rank who want to join together are still able to do so. Obviously the higher ranked games give greater ratings points .
      To combat inactive players making the game less fun and challenging have a "time out" system. So if a player goes inactive during a game he cant join another ranked game for two weeks. Next time they go inactive they time out for 3 weeks. Add a week to their time out for each time they go inactive during a game. Yet also if they complete a game without going inactive it could reduce their timout period by a week if they go inactive in another game
      I know aliiance games are where the real challenge is. But they are not very inaccessible or common enough it seems. When they are no gold games where is the incentive for the developers in this type of game?
      I would also limit the amount of ranked games at one time that can be played to like 2 games
      I think a system of this sort would make games more fun,interesting and of a higher quality which would retain a lot of the players who dont continue playing.
      Anyway interested to hear your opinions on this.