sandbox mode

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    • sandbox mode

      ok, so hear me out,

      I know a while back I made another thread about this, but this time I have some new ideas,
      firstly one possible option whould that you whould have infinte resources.
      secondly, you could play as every country, this game whould be entirely YOU, so you could select a country of choice then its like playing that country normally, but what you could do is lets say you want france to invade germany, you could switch to france move all your troops to the border(I will go into time factor later), then switch to germany and move all your troops away from the border, this whould be realy nice for youtubers who want to play out a certain cenario(I dont know any yt who plays call of war) or so you can play out a cenario.
      thirdly, time factor, so I dont know what time factor it should be, but it whould be pretty high, so maybe 1 day=1 hour (lets say you want to move your troops somewhere, and normally with game speed 1, it whould take one irl day, but with this conversion, it whould take an hour, the same whould be for building and producing) this is nice as if your moving your troops really far but you still kind of have to wait.
      lastly, minimum rank and premium feature
      so I dont think this should be a premium feature, instead it should be more like a minimum rank feature, so maybe you have to be captain before you can access this feature, THAT WAY new players have an exiciting perk to work twords and they just dont get bored and stop playing, however if your not the minimum rank then you whould have to spend gold or have premium.

      in conclusion, I think this whould be a great idea for the game.
    • I feel like there should be a limit on how many sandbox games you should have like maybe you could have a certain amount of sandbox games and wait for a day or two, then be able to create another sandbox game to prevent new players from playing mostly "sandbox mode" too much, so then other people will be able to still play other games that aren't "sandbox mode."

      Other than that, I think this is a good idea!