Rigo's King of the Hill

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    • Hippo waits until night, then sneaks up towards the hill wearing a black ninja suit and night vision goggles. As Rigo sleeps, Hippo silently approaches him and smothers him with chloroform. At dawn, hippo puts the tied-up Rigo in a cannon and fires him into the distance and declares himself KING OF THE HILL.
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    • Purplepizza is secretly following DxC, and upon hearing 'Hippo' he knows he has his chance. He takes out a M1 Carbine and shoots dead all the people in the camp. He then approaches the ancient hiding place of GreatBigHippo, interrogates him and finds out what he needs to know about King of the Hill. Purplepizza proceeds to kill GreatBigHippo with a Gewehr 41 rifle and travels in an amped-up version of Enola Gay to the hill where Pablo stands. Purplepizza then drops a nuclear bomb on the hill, instantly killing Pablo and destroying the hill entirely. Purplepizza moves to a new hill, lays down his throne and his banner, and Purplepizza is now King of the [New] Hill.
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    • As Purplepizza sits arrogantly upon his throne, he notices across the nuclear wasteland an entire battalion of Cromwells charging at over 65 km/h, spearheaded by Sergeant Major Dude himself to the song of "Through the Fire and the Flames". The attackers unleash a barrage of HE shells until the mountain and its liege are pounded into oblivion. As he sets the purple Banner of Pizza ablaze, Dude declares himself KING OF THE HILL.
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    • Ocean gathers his best troops and marches onto the hill

      in evening time

      with jedi temple march playing as he leads and army of 501 troops to take the hill,
      all in his way are massacred

      and installs him self king. As all along he was the one true king

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    • pablo thinks he blows everywhen to pieces, when he actually only blows purple to bits
      purplepizza is on the trees surrounding the hill, Ocean and his 501st legion, board pablos star destroyer, crash it into the other armies marching to wards the hill, then we take the hill


      If Socialists understood Economics, they wouldn't be socialists
      -Friedrich von Haye

    • GreatbigHippo was secretly wearing a bullet proof vest when he was shot. Hippo begins to walk in a seemingly random direction. After an hour of walking the forest turns into a lush grassy field. Hippo walks towards a lone hacienda and flashes a flashlight in a seemingly random pattern onto the wall. A few seconds later, the wall on the side of the building opens up, and hippo steps in. The wall quickly closes behind him. Hippo says hello to several heavily armed guards and steps into an old fashioned frieght elevator and types a secret code onto a keypad. If he gets this code wrong, the entire elevator would fill with gas and kill him. The elevator lurches and goes down. It's impossible to say how far, the blueprints for this facility were destroyed long ago. The elevator finally stops, and the doors open to a luxurious lobby. Hippo sits down and turns on the TV. The current channel shows security footage of another part of a large warehouse with hundreds of tanks and APC's. Hippo changes the channel. The TV now shows real-time footage from the H.E.S.S. Valiant, one of many space-faring warships controlled by hippo. The satellite images show a hill (in the top right of the screen, a light-sonar map shows the elevation of the area through colors). The hill is barren with obvious signs of battle, and many troops are building fortifications. Hippo presses a button on his remote. A series of bright streaks of light strike the hill, destroying everything. These are followed by small ships landing on the hill, deploying dozens of troops. Hippo smiles, presses a button on the side of his chair, and says "move in with the rest." As hippo leaves the room towards one of his many laboratories, a shield can be seen being deployed above the hill.

      Meanwhile at the warehouse, thousands of troops are deploying for battle.

      GreatbigHippo is once again King of the Hill.
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    • But suddenly Ocean takes the warehouse and secret base,
      jeepers hippo, left the stick note with the passcode on, back and TFA HQ

      Ocean and his 501st march and take the warhouse and with all the equipment there is no match

      Ocean and his men prepare to march against hippo...

      If Socialists understood Economics, they wouldn't be socialists
      -Friedrich von Haye

    • DxC wakes up to a bolt of lightening, disoriented. He looks up and sees the white object from before but now more blurred. He crawls through the mud across the firepit area towards it and sees that it is a piece of paper, now wet from the rain. He carefully unfolds it. He reads

      The Hill - FYEO Hippo

      The future of the human race is in your hands. "The Hill" has been overrun by aliens because they know our secret destructive weapon lies somewhere within. You must retake the Hill Hippo, you must, else we perish.