Country Name, Title and Flag Change

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    • Country Name, Title and Flag Change

      I love the game, but I have a suggestion. I have conquered all of North American in a game. But think about it who really wants to rule the world known as Governor of Kansas with a Kansas flag? Not me!!! My suggestion is once you have gained at least 75% provinces of a known country you should have the option to get the name, flag, and title of the leader of that country. And you should be able to keep it unless someone else gains 75% of that country if that happens you automatically go back to your original title. Kind of a stretch but if you attack an active playing ally unprovoked you should be labeled a Dictator and carry that title the remainder of the game. So in my case I should be President of the United States with the American flag. :wallbash
    • Sounds like an good idea, especially at the 100 player map, if you're a part of Brazil and take over the other parts you should be able to call yourself Brazil, same thing with, India, Australia, Argentina and so on... atleast to just be able to change your flag and country name to that
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    • Or you could have a continent option. Once you've conquered, say all of North America or Europe you get a sign that says ruler of "continent name" or something like that.

      Also, I think it would be very nice if you could search for provinces. Not just like search in the newspaper, often I sit and look for minutes on end before I find that one province where something happened. (I know I can click through newspaper if there has been an action), but that's not always the case.

      Also, a tab for your armies, to find them fast and have an overlook on exactly how many you have of each unit, able to sort and so on. Just like province list, just for army.
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    • Whoever controls the game could allow flags of today that would represent the country the player is controling, they don't have to use a Nazi flag. When it comes to title instead of governor, it could be President, Prime Minister, Chancellor, King etc etc. Don't even let players choose the title, make it to where they are given the title automatically of the country they are in power over. Make them keep their same name as they start the game with but with just a different title. Like I said being Governor Robert Yates of Kansas just doesn't even sound right it's kinda lame. But being President Robert Yates over the USA sounds legit.