Province Award During Peace Period

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    • Province Award During Peace Period

      I'm trying to better understand one of the biggest mysteries of the game so far for me. During a game with a player peace period, when two players are trying to be the first to take control of an AI owned province, how is it determined who wins the province if two different players are both in melee? I accept that there is probably an element of randomness. I've seen the province awarded every which way: the stack that got their first/last, the group that did the most/least damage, the group that was engaged the shortest/longest amount of time, and I've even seen it go both ways with the player who damages the AI last. I'm having a hard time accepting that it's random and hope someone here has more insight on it that I do. Like all players in these competitive games, I'd like to win these provinces instead of having my troops teleported to another province I own.

      I also believe "jumping" to the province may not be the best choice as it could go to the player whose troops are closer to the province center.
    • 1101Pathfinder wrote:

      My understanding it will go to the player that kills the the last enemy unit in the province center.
      I had a contested city like that last game. I dealt the last blow and expected to get it, even had the larger unit, but the other player had done the majority of the damage. Instead of getting it, I was teleported back to my territory.

      I’m in a game now where an AI country awarded ROW to two players on separate teams. There are two provinces where a unit from each of the three countries are present. Because of the player peace period, the ROW relationship, and the presence of the other player, neither side can declare war because the other side would automatically get those providence. Strange situation.
    • I guess I really am asking for Bytro's secret sauce here.

      I also wonder if it's random, but based on damage dealt to the defender. For instance if player A did 90% of the damage, they have a 90% chance of getting the province. I've seen enough units sneak in at the last minute and still win, but these contested AI provinces in the peace period do seem to go to the side who did more damage more often that not.