Pausable Researches

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    • Pausable Researches

      If you start a research and choose to abandon before it is 100% complete, the game should not remove any made progress of that particular research. Instead of refunding a certain percentage of resources spent on the research, research progression will retain, free up a research slot, and 0 resources will be returned. In the future, you can resume a 'paused' research and pay no resource, since you've already paid for it in the past.

      This is a problem if you accidentally clicked a research that you don't want. It's almost like the game ate up your resources and refund nothing because of your stupid mistake.

      I thought it makes sense to have 'pausable' researches because your 'scientists' wouldn't intentionally destroy any research they've made in the past. You can research 50% of level 1 heavy tanks, then if situations change and you want to focus on mechanized infantry instead, sure! You can pause researching the tanks, get mech. infantry first, then return to tanks later. :)
      Has man gone insane?
    • I thought canceling research refunded a prorated portion of the resources based on percent complete, so if you accidentally started the wrong research and immediately canceled it you'd get ~100% of your resources back. Is this not the case?

      I kinda like this idea, but not necessarily from a resources perspective and more from a time perspective. So many times I go to bed with just a couple hours left on a research. If I could pause that research and start another that would last all night, I'd be able to avoid the research downtime in between the first research finishing and me waking up to start a new one. (Or, more frequently, I'd avoid setting an alarm for the middle of the night because I can't handle not being perfectly efficient with my research time :| )