Is he cheating?

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    • 1101Pathfinder wrote:

      the real world is full of people trying to scam you. the best course of action is to learn from the event and not get scammed again. Realize that there are people out there trying to take advantage of you both in the game and in the real world. Scam me once shame on them scam me twice shame on you.
      Shame on me? I didn’t scam you! So mean…

      (yes I know what you actually meant lol)

      CarKing the 6th

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    • 6thDragon wrote:

      Chris Mapper wrote:

      He is just abusing the inexperienced players.
      Seems to be an interesting but dirty way of playing.
      Probably only works against new players.
      You'll probably need some luck tho if you want to gain a major resource advantage in a game with that strategy.
      Have never done it myself, maybe I should try it in at least one game.
      Before trying it, you have to consider the cons.
      As you can see, the majority of players consider this an underhanded and borderline illegal tactic. Using tactics like that, it will be easy for players who don't fall for it to unite against you because they feel insulted. In the early game, do you really want to find yourself in a situation where the world is uniting against you? Diplomacy is an important aspect of the game and you may find it hard to get allies.
      If you want to do it, do it to players across the world from you, otherwise they might get mad and invade you.

      I personally won't do it. I feel it will discourage noobs and maybe make them quit.
      “A battle fought without determination is a battle lost.” - Josip Broz Tito