Release Notes - 2023-03-21

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    • Lord Crayfish wrote:

      So what happens if, or when, boosters replace gold? Will achievements or victory still be paid out in gold? What about creating private games?
      In general gold won't be replaced in the foreseeable future. But we may change some additional rewards to boosters, or a mix of gold and boosters. So I can imagine that at some point you can also gain boosters via achievements or victories, but it is not set in stone right now.

      Giving out boosters allows us to be a bit more generous without inflating the economy of the game with too much gold.
    • Yeah no good will stay, boosters will just be added. I think the only free way to get them is ads. You used to be able to buy them with gold but that’s not around anymore for some reason. Maybe they’ll bring that back. Either way gold is not going anywhere.

      CarKing the 6th
    • i was given a few today.1st i have heard about them. used a hit point card to heal a unit twice and card was used up but no detail on how to replace it if wanted. i checked the shop but nothing about them there. still have my bought gold. nothing about converting it over.looks like quite a few cards could be held but was only given a few. i have a food and goods booster but that was all resource wise