Cheating Accusations

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    • since this thread is called cheating accusations, i might as well bring this up as well. two people in this map, one in Europe and one in Africa, were in coalitions with extremely low-level players, but their stats were ungodly. the low-level players all had terrible stats and terrible win stats, and they all got plowed over. Right now, there is an argument in newspaper between Poland, the UK, and North Sudan.

      North Sudan is the alleged multi accounter in Africa, he waged war on Poland and immediately after, his coalition "members" send a huge force (from their size, it's the bulk if not all of their troops) into Poland as cannon fodder. He then follows behind with HIS troops and starts capturing undefended territory.

      Poland is the alleged multi accounter in Europe, he joined a coalition on day one with 3 low level players, and IMMEDIATELY started saying he had beef with one of them. Shortly after he kills them with few losses, and over the course of the game has killed both others as well, after they conveniently attack someone else and are out of the way.

      UK is one of the alleged other accounts, and during the newspaper argument, he came in by attacking Poland verbally, siding with north Sudan, but slipped up, and replied to one of Sudan's messages against Poland in the exact same manner of text that Poland had been doing. It seems strange that he would go from "arguing" with Poland about dying to turning on Sudan when he insults Poland, and then try to distract form it by going back to insulting Poland. Keep in mind, UK entered the argument after Poland was accused of multi accounting, and basically said he wasn't cheating, but was just a jerk (makes no sense why he would join a conversation to defend someone that betrayed him, especially since he wasn't online until RIGHT after the accusation was made).

      I will attach screenshots down below from my phone:
    • Their profiles
      • FranceGames.jpg

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      • FranceKills.jpg

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      • NorthSudanGames.jpg

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      • NorthSudanKills.jpg

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      • PolandGames.jpg

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      • PolandKills.jpg

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      • SaudiArabiaGames.jpg

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      • SaudiArabiaKills.jpg

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      • SouthSudanGames.jpg

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      • SouthSudanKills.jpg

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    • while they're available, here is why the whole "coalition" thing with low level members looks so suspicious.

      Province trading, cannon fodder. The low level countries send all their troops to the war, weakening the line but dying, and then he walks through and kills the stragglers
      • Screenshot_20230408_134404_Call of War.jpg

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      • Screenshot_20230408_160308_Call of War.jpg

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      • Screenshot_20230408_134357_Call of War.jpg

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    • update. When north Sudan invaded Poland, a few minutes later Poland turns his army around and runs away, and then suicides them into another country (coming toward us).

      When i confronted him about it, he reacted with the SAME replies as north Sudan did, and when I accused them of being the same person...well...if that's not an admission right there idk what is. How do I go about reporting these people
      • Screenshot_20230408_203832_Call of War.jpg

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      • Screenshot_20230408_204002_Call of War.jpg

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    • I sent a report to the email [email protected], and I am wondering, roughly how long does it take for accusations to be looked into and acted on. These people are causing a huge problem in this game. In addition to obvious cheating, they are also being extremely toxic and inappropriate using insults unrelated to the game. Unless I am mistaken, that is ALSO against the rules.
      • ReportEmail1.png

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      • ReportEmail2.png

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    • I had the satisfaction of telling the guy that I had reported him and then he tried to blame me for his upcoming ban [cause I couldn't beat him any other way]. I came back with, no, you actions are getting you banned but cheaters always try to blame someone else and don't take any responsibility. He didn't like that. Also, the k/d ratio btw his units and mine was 20/0 for me up til then, so I also told him his units were doing a great job dying to mine. lol