Cheating Accusations

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    • Cheating Accusations

      I have been playing a map recently, and there is a large coalition that is accusing me of cheating. They said they're going to report me and that they have friends who are admins. I am not cheating, but I am still concerned about it because the same thing happened to me on Supremacy 1914. I got reported by people who said they were "friends with admins" and after a few posts on the forum and on reddit, I couldn't join a match without someone saying I was the cheater they saw on a post. It made the game not fun to play and i eventually quit. I enjoy Call of War a lot more, and really don't want it to happen to me. If they actually do have admin friends, are they allowed to post and attack someone over a game?
    • it's a pacific conquest map, they are in America, and me and my coalition are days away from winning. My concern is that if their friends really ARE admins, then there are a couple things that are immensely suspicious. One, my ally China can confirm it because he had share map, but I started as Australia. I attacked the person directly below me, and found it empty. They had sent troops toward New Zealand and the AI to their left...and so i basically just chased them down and killed their troops, while defending my coast from return fire. About 4 days later, Papua New Guinea tried to land on me with no naval support and lost basically his entire army to naval bombers while I was invading new Zealand. I know the IPs and stuff are very difficult to verify. Me for example, I use a VPN on my phone when I'm not home, so sometimes it may say I log in from Miami or from London. Because of the inconsistencies, admins look at playstyle and newspaper, as well as chats. I sent share map to everyone in Australia, but only one gave me, and he ended up going inactive. Should I be worried? I have only been playing on Call of War for a few months, but I have grown to really enjoy it.
    • Don't worry

      Its probably a bluff

      Anyway just tell us if anything happens and we will get up a petition

      I can find 50-100 players who would sign
      Glory to the Union!

      Glory to the Red Army!

      Glory to the Revolution!

      Marshal of the Forum High Command
    • As z00mz00m said above, what are they accusing you of? You did not state it in any of your mile-long paragraphs, which is where i thought it might be, but i can assure you they are most likely bluffing, the Administrators are prohibited from choosing sides, until they hear both sides no accusation or claims can be made, otherwise everything would be biased.
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    • Multi-accounting and hacking apparently. I am actually talking to one of their coalition members right now who used Gold to reveal messages and said, "oh this looks sus you must be multi accounting" and i pinned their ships in the pacific and they accused me of hacking and seeing their troops all the time. I am guilty of using gold, but i won those 50k maps and i see no reason why I can't use it to my advantage when I'm 4v1ing a rude coalition while my allies are occupied.

      to answer your question before, I am assuming "resource trade scam" means sending resource trades to 3 lower-level players and pretending to be giving them resources? I can neither confirm nor deny that I am a very annoying player when people act rude toward me. Call it petty, but hey, deception and betrayal are something everyone does, and I wasn't aware it was against the Bytro rules.

      What is the huge giveaway that they're kind of grabbing at straws is that they've accused ALL of us of cheating, with the exception of one person in our coalition. They said I expanded fast so I must be cheating, and the same goes for everyone else larger (I am not the largest person on the map)
    • Well, if you use the Diplomacy Scam, i would side with them naturally, but they say you are cheating, and muti-accounting, i mean we cannot take your side in this, we have no proof that you are NOT doing these things, we do not see your game nor do we see the messages, and they could have gotten that info and messages with Spies, i can get a countries messages and all army info with 7 spies, easily, so its probably best to just keep playing your game.
      "I have not failed, i have just found 10,000 ways that wont work." - Thomas Edison

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    • no they said they used gold, but that's not the point. Also, I am not doing anything to anyone that is not rude to me first. For example, early on there was a coalition near me who all had discord, and they i guess were all friends or something, and felt the need to insult other people and stuff, so we teamed on them...which of course required gold. I am not cheating, so I am not concerned about getting banned, but I have screenshots I can show of the messages and stuff. After all, if someone talks rude about someone's family they've never met and then gets scammed, i personally think that's karma
    • As you said, 2 wrongs do not make a right, so, like i said, this will turn into a fight, let it go, if you are being accused of cheating, too bad, deal with it, welcome to CoW 2.0, The WW2 Real Time Strategy Game....
      "I have not failed, i have just found 10,000 ways that wont work." - Thomas Edison

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    • 1. Personal insults are not ok. Best to ignore them. It does not help to respond to this kind of language in any fashion.

      2. Gold use is a personal choice. If your opponent uses it first, you can choose to respond or leave the map.

      3. Trade scamming is not ok. This will alienate most other players. When you do this, you automatically lose the argument.
    • your responses are actually amazing, Fox Company. They're funny and civilized without going overboard. As for Zoom, I agree, I kinda feel bad for trade scamming, but they sat there for a long time bullying my friend in discord by insulting his mother (calling her horrible names) because he didn't want to get online because she was in the hospital. They then proceeded to tell us all to k*ll ourselves and we just left. I have acreenshots of a chat They added me BACK to just to brag about stuff:

      One of them is dead (but has share map) and is sending screenshots of my troops to the other team on discord...very difficult to fight cuz I can't remove share map from a dead person.

      Another one (the one that kept adding me to gcs until I unfriended them) just was bragging about how I was gonna get banned and that I should just kms and join my mom, again, a totally uncalled for spam message
    • sorry for the response delays I have bad service atm. here's some of what we've been dealing with. (I marked out the names of them on discord, as well as language and such because I am unsure of the rules on this forum. . .and I'm sorry but if I end up getting banned, I still will not apologize for doing stuff to a group of people who attacked a guy for not playing the map because his mother was in the hospital. People don't do that

      Really I just hope that there are cross examinations and both sides get a say, because otherwise it's just a huge pain when the bulk of the conversations are on discord
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