New player asking for tips

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    • New player asking for tips

      I am a rather new player, i used to play back in 2017 when you needed infrastructure to produce light tanks but now after 5 year break i am returning to the game and have some questions.

      I want to play pacific conquest 50 map as japan and i am wondering if my strategy has a chance of working.

      Unit composition:
      Ground units:
      AC's as fast scouting units and artilery for enemy strong points
      1'st stack - would look something like 8-10 artilery with 2 anti air units and 5-6 inf units
      2'nd stack - more of a scattered swarm of armored cars that can join together just in case

      Since pan-asian has no buffs to ground attack i will probably just build 1 stack of 6 tac bombers and 4 interceptors to blow any units that are on there own. This stack will expand as the campaing goes on.

      Naval bombers to defend the core islands from sneak attacks

      Plan is to build some destroyers and cruisers along side battleships and maintain naval superiority no matter what.
      (Destroyers,cruisers,battleships,aircraft carryers)
      (3,3,4,0) a surface fleet for home defence and coastal bombardment idealy at least 2 of theese stacks

      (5,5,0,4) the "Kido Butai" a carryer fleet armed with around 10 naval bombers, 12 tac bombers and 10 interceptors. Main purpose is to provide air support in any coastal/island conquest as well as a quick response in case an enemy navy appears.

      1st slot: AC's> mallitia>artilery
      2nd slot: cruisers> infantry

      Construction: 2 ordinance factories 2 tank plans 1naval port as well as industry in as many resource producing provinces as posible

      Production: 2 armored cars as fast as posible
      1 cruiser as fast as possible maybe a 2nd cruiser
      Artilery production depending on the situation but sooner is better

      Military actions:
      Cruiser along side 1 inf is sent to Okinava island
      2 nd cruiser sent to taiwan along side 1 inf

      Most forces are concentrated to quickly hit korea altho lightning assault seems hard because of disembarging times
      If korea works the overall strat is to march into manchuria snd china after korea depending on player Activity as well as sending the navy to bombard inactive island nations and then with a few armored cars picking up the provinces that were naval bombarded

      So that the overall game plan, any sugestions and criticisms are welcome this is my 3rd game after returning to the game, never played with pan asian before so honestly i have no clue how this will work
      Pan asian seems fast but i think they will be really slowed down if any resistance show up since then i have to bring artilery to deal with.

      Thanks in advance