(RECRUITING!) Peoples Army Of Free Armenia

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    • (RECRUITING!) Peoples Army Of Free Armenia

      Good day, comrades!

      We are recruiting new members for our alliance, and have left this post here for you all to review.

      -We have alliance games often
      -Alliance communication (through alliance chat) is highly suggested, but not forced
      -We have no alliance elections, the leader remains the leader until he/she gives up their role

      Furthermore, we have some VERY strict rules:

      Game Rules:
      -You must only have ONE account
      -Do not bully, or harass anyone under ANY circumstance (applies for chat rules too)
      -Do not pull IP, or hack someone's account
      -Do not change any alliance information without the leaders permission
      -Never attack your own alliance members, unless it is an alliance training game

      Chat Rules:
      -Do not bully, or harass anyone under ANY circumstance (applies for game rules too)
      -Do not reveal anyone's personal information
      -Do not promote racism, sexism, terrorism, or illegal activities
      -Do not spam the alliance chat with useless garbage
      -Don't swear excessively
      -And most importantly, have fun

      Failure to comply with these rules may result in either a warning, or full removal from the alliance
      In the case that you are interested to be recruited, please send a request to join the alliance.
      If you have ANY questions whatsoever, please contact atomikos. using the game messaging system, or private message him when he is active in the global chat.