My Game as Colombia!

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    • The invasion of Ecuador is going perfectly. Not a single unit or province was lost overnight, and my artillery played a heavy role in success. Now at level 4, the stacks can take out most single units with one hit. Worked best on Ecuador, who had mostly Level 1 and 2 unarmoured units. My motorized infantry also played a big part.

      I also got a countrywide army reveal on Australia, scroll down to see about that.

      Here is the Ecuador frontier:

      Quito has been decommisioned and surrounded; any unit that is produced there will be immediately fired upon by my artillery. Planning to capture it right before daychange. Most of Ecuador's units have already been destroyed. I have that city in south Peru because E had a stack of 9 tacs stationed there, and I wanted to take that out before it could potentially fire on units like my arty.

      Here's my K/D ratios:

      And my total units:

      So, got the reveal on Australia - also without losing any spies, so he has no idea what happened... he is one of those players that uses all kinds of units. There's regular inf, medium tanks, plenty of tacs... and a good navy too. He's one step ahead of me with tacs (Level 5 to Level 4), but he has hardly any Interceptors, so that could be a potential weakness for him. He also has Level 4 of all Ships, so I'm researching Level 4 Destroyer and Level 3 Subs to compete with him. I have Level 3 of Cruisers and Battleships already. I'll post his full units below, as I can't attach them all in one message.

      Forgot to tell you: I'm moving my milsab spies from aussie to USA, need a reveal on him too.

      I also have some screenshots of the newspaper from my and Aussie's wars, I'll also post them below.

      Here is Australia:

      And here is the world:

      • Screenshot 2023-06-05 09.15.16.png

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      “A battle fought without determination is a battle lost.” - Josip Broz Tito
    • Brando Dilla wrote:

      I already have plenty of AA in the city, but yeah, I'll get a couple arty there too.
      Making my first nuclear bomber!
      Researching nuclear rocket in the China game. More for fun than anything.

      Kolonnos wrote:

      Don't BB outrange Artillery?... That's why I suggested placing the arty along the coast.(If that isn't correct, please excuse me.)
      BB outrange artillery, but artillery have the same range as cruisers; per hitpoint, they are more effective against cruisers than vice versa, so cruisers will take heavy losses fighting them.
      Therefore, coastal batteries in places where the enemy needs them removed should attract his battlefleet (or at least, one battleship) to take them out, allowing his BB's to get ambushed. In theory.
      "The war situation has developed not necessarily to Germany's advantage"
      -- Hermann Meyer, upon seeing RAF Mustangs above Berlin
    • Today, the Emipre of Ecuador fell entirely under Colombian rule, except for a few pockets of resistance in northern Argentina. The Colombian president is glad to announce the creation of Gran Colombia, the 20th century Colombian Empire, stretching all the way from Havana to Cusco, and from Mazatlan to Monrovia.

      The next target for Gran Colombia will be the Portuguese Empire, which would allow us to gain a foothold in Europe. We are also focusing on improving the Colombian army, particularly introducing more ground AA, interceptors and naval bombers, to prepare for a potential war with Australia and/or the USA.

      Here is a map of the new Gran Colombian Empire:

      Colombia ranks fourth among all Nations in total VP, tied with Egypt:

      The main strengths of the Colombian army are mot. inf, LT, tacs, ints, and arty. The navy is not great, but OK. The ints are great, but I want to get more of them. As I said before, I'm going to focus on getting more AA on the battlefield.

      My total armies right now:

      And my K/D stats:

      There's still a pocket of Ecuadorian resistance in northern Argentina. One of Argentina's core cities, Salta, is at risk of being captured. Most of the Ecuadorian units are anti tanks and regular infantry.

      Combined, Argentina and South Africa are about twice as powerul as Egypt, so I suggessted that they attack him together. Neither has responded yet. Egypt has captured Tunis i Tunisia, and has also expanded into Arabia, killing Saudi and taking much of Yemen. Iraq or Greece could be his next target.

      Australia is grinding in Asia, killing dozens of units of AI Xinjiang, Mongolia and Manchukuo. I've noticed that several provinces Australia has captured recently (without capturing a capital even more recently) are at 35% morale, hinting that my hypothesis about potential Gold use might prove to be correct. If it is, we must be on high alert.

      I'm hoping that my milsab spies will get the reveal on USA today, I desperately need info on his troop movements. There's an unknown army spotted near the Mexican border, which could be a point of interest. USA has landed in Japan and taken two Japanese core cities, although both countries have high casualties in the war.

      The world:

      EDIT: FTTY, an SP arty was producing in Quito when the city fell to Colombia, and now it is done. The SP arty will be stationed at the capital, Bogota.
      “A battle fought without determination is a battle lost.” - Josip Broz Tito
    • BREAKING - Some big news, just in from the Colombia Espionage Headquarters!

      Our spies have just tapped into the United States Military HQ and gained valuable information regarding the location and movements of all U.S. regiments! They have 219 units, about double of Colombia's total units (103). You can see their units at the bottom of this report.

      Several of USA's "big" stacks have a similar consistency of the earlier stack we saw in Africa. As @jubjub bird pointed out, it's a horrible mix. This player likely wants his stacks to be a "jack-of-all-trades" by clumping together a slew of random units. Some advice for new players: it's WAY better to produce a few types of units, level them up, and get them in a stack together. This maximizes efficiency, resources, and time, and is WAY more productive than a stack like this:

      That stack is good at defending against unarmored and heavy armor units, but it has a particular weakness in defending from Air combat. Furthermore, it is located on the coast (without any naval units nearby), making it prone to Battleship Bombardment.

      There's not many Air units in his game, so my ints will be vital in eliminating the ones that he has, and then my tacs can wreak havoc. I'm gathering the units used in the Ecuador campaign into my home provinces to add AA support and get them into stacks suited for USA's potential invasion. I already have some defensive units in Mexico, we'll just have to wait and see what he does.

      USA has a 0.39 ratio in PvP combat, and a 2.01 ratio in AI combat, so this player clearly does not know how to conserve their units. And, from the info I got regarding their Japan and Africa conquests, they don't know how to escort naval convoys with ships.

      The Day 20 Most Powerful Armies statistic listed USA with 12%, and me at 7%. Australia leads the pack with 21%. Argentina is also at 7%, and South Africa and Egypt both have 6%.

      Here are USA's total armies:

      “A battle fought without determination is a battle lost.” - Josip Broz Tito
    • jubjub bird wrote:

      Woof. I love the one single heavy tank thrown in there, classic. Despite your smaller army I think you'll be able to beat them, the only question is when to attack. Good luck
      Thanks. What I'm hoping to do is kill lots of his units and take some cities early on. If Australia sees that USA is losing badly, he may be reluctant to send units to the other side of the earth to help him out. If Argentina/South Africa would team up on Egypt already, it would make Australia really reluctant.

      P.S. Just thought of this: If Egypt AND the USA get pushed back, Australia could leave their coa and join ours, getting us an easy coalition win.
      “A battle fought without determination is a battle lost.” - Josip Broz Tito