My Game as Colombia!

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    • Today may become one of the greatest days in the history of Gran Colombia. Today, our president commenced a diplomatic meeting with the leader of Australia. The two dictators agreed on a strategy: Australia would leave USA's coalition and join Colombia's.

      Yes, I was able to talk him into it. As Argentina and South Africa are eating Egypt, Australia complains that "I can never get with active players" I told him that everyone in my coa was active, and we could end the game quickly if he joins. He agrees, and also says he wants to join in on the fight against USA. He wants to take out the Philippines and all the Pacific islands. He asked me to wait until he gets his troops into position, so I did. We will both be ready in a few hours, I am upgrading my AC, LT, AA and Cruiser units.

      Currently, we are researching Level 5 Interceptor and Level 4 Submarine. Oil and RM counts continue to be low, so I will be restricted to mostly making ground units for now. I can lower my popularity all I want, as there's no AI nations around me.

      Here are my total armies:

      I got the reveal on USA again, you can see his armies in the following message. Can't post here as it will exceed the image limit.

      Here is the Colombia-USA border. He now has a 2-stack (1 int and 1 NB) patrolling over one of my naval stacks, proving how noob-y he is. Argentina also caught another American (unescored) convoy stationed in the Mediterranean.

      And here is the Egypt frontier:

      “A battle fought without determination is a battle lost.” - Josip Broz Tito
    • Invasion of USA has begun, so far so good. I think I might have caught him while he is AFK. I'm not really going to bother holding provinces in this war, as there's no other countries around for them to revolt to. I want to hopefully take out a couple of his core cities by next Daychange (about 23 hours from now), but there's a 7-stack on the western border that might prove to be a tough kill.

      Argentina and Australia also attacked US positions in Libya and the Philippines, respectively. He seems to be focused on his economy more than his military, because he definitely has teh potential to rival Australia militarily.

      My milsabs struck out today, unable to gain any intel, and one of them was caught. Hopefully he doesn't notice.

      “A battle fought without determination is a battle lost.” - Josip Broz Tito
    • When you keep up that casualty ratio you'll be fine!
      When the fake daddies are curtailed, we have failed. When their roller coaster tolerance is obliterated, their education funds are taken by Kazakhstani phishers, and their candy bars distributed between the Botswana youth gangs, we have succeeded.
      - BIG DADDY.
    • Aside from a single AC brigade lost overnight, the invasion is going fine. We've killed 15+ American units so far and will be capturing some key cities before daychange. Once I'm able to break down his main defense, this should be a piece of cake.

      Egypt came back online, but is getting crushed.

      “A battle fought without determination is a battle lost.” - Josip Broz Tito
    • Good news and Bad news today.

      Good news: Colombian army has broken down (most of) USAs frontline. Aside from a known "super stack", the main threats have been eliminated. Also, Infantry L5 and mot inf L4 researched just finished, so I can upgrade my frontline mot infs when they are garrisoning.
      USA has not had any captures or troop movements for at least half a day, so they might be going inactive.

      Bad news: One of our 4-stacks of mot. inf. was lost to USA's super stack overnight, impacting my K/D ratio. Scouted the stack with tacs today, and it doesn't have enough AA defense to shoot down a nuke, so I'm gonna see what the ol' A-Bomb can do :)

      Meanwhile, USA's casualties in the war are still several times higher than Colombia's.

      Here's a map of the USA frontine.
      The stack circled in RED is the enemy super stack that killed my 4 mot infs. Will be getting nuked.
      The province circled in GREEN is where I'm building an Airbase. I want to secure the neighboring provinces before putting my tacs there.
      The stack in BLUE is heading up to Denver. From my reveal a couple days ago, there shouldn't be any enemy units in its way.
      The stack in ORANGE is heading to New Orleans. That city has been under bombardment for almost a full day, and likewise shouldn't be met with any serious threats.

      My current KD ratio:

      Egypt is all but done for, as only a 6 stack of HT in its capital delays its elimination.
      Meanwhile, Australia finds a way to entertain his western armies by invading Greece.

      P.S. Australia has less than a day left before he is eligible to join our coalition.

      The world:

      “A battle fought without determination is a battle lost.” - Josip Broz Tito
    • Colombia is 4th on the Armies list, tied with USA at 10%. All signs point to USA going inactive.

      Got a reveal on him again today. Almost no units in his cores, and all his cities are either lightly guarded or totally empty. I'm going to take as many cities as I can before daychange.

      Australia is eligible to join the coalition before the next day change.

      “A battle fought without determination is a battle lost.” - Josip Broz Tito
    • And the game is over.

      Our coalition reached victory at the beginning of Day 25.

      Here's my final K/D ratio and the casualty count from my war with USA:

      And the world:

      In a little bit I will post about my thoughts on this game and the All In mode in general :D
      “A battle fought without determination is a battle lost.” - Josip Broz Tito