Economic influence "dk what to call it"

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    • Economic influence "dk what to call it"

      *Notice* I like the trade system in the game, I'm just pointing out another option. Like at the beginning, instead of just the simple trade, which gets ugly later on in the game, this is more player inclusive... The rich countries play a bigger role in supplying, while profiting off poor players who have nothing better to do then. Nvm

      **Imagination Corps*) Our mission is to speed up access to resources in demand such as oil, since there is a shortage. Voting for this petition will eliminate that. Simply at the beginning of each day, If needed you can go to the stock market and anything you desire will be in bulk, supplied by the corporation. Investing in the evolution of the "Global on-demand trade powerhouse". This is how it works, it's basically like Amazon, you want resources, you get it on the fly, no hassle, no expensive rates, and the subscription is on me like Magic Mike.

      So basically, a good Samaritan rich country wants to help the underdogs by instigating, so instead of selling high. The rich sells in bulk in exchange for influence over the said nation.

      America does it all the time, why not others?