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    • Operations - New Feature

      "Amateurs talk about tactics, but professionals study logistics."
      - General Robert H. Barrow

      We are very excited to present Call of War's latest feature today - Operations!

      The Operations feature provides you with long-term tasks you fulfill while playing the game. We planned Operations to include a variety of different tasks that allow us to provide you with exciting challenges. Starting with simple tasks like buying something in the shop, to more complex challenges that encourage you to change your usual play style.

      You can open Operations via the new icon that is displayed on the right side of your screen when you are in a game round. Clicking or tapping on it will open the Operations screen. Here you find all available Operations and an overview of your current progress with each Operation.

      Operations have several Milestones that you unlock one after the other. To complete an Operation and its tasks, you have only a few weeks. Once you reach a Milestone you can claim the linked reward in the Operations section too. To progress towards a goal, you simply tackle the task presented in the Operations. You don't need to do anything else. The action will automatically be registered and accounted for any currently available Operation. Check your available Operations and adjust your gameplay accordingly to swiftly complete each Operation's goals.

      Today starts the very first Operation of this brand-new feature in Call of War! We are planning on adding new tasks and goals to it. We have many great ideas for this exciting new feature and would love to hear your ideas for tasks on our Discord server or here on the forums.

      Please note that this new feature is currently only available on Mobile.
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      Twitter: Call of War
    • Good update for Bytro (just like the booster cards update) because it will just increase their income. But i am kinda disappointed because i thought the "Operations" update would be a seperate map for planning attacks and new tactics and then being able to share it to your teammates, or a new logistics system like in Hoi4. But hey atleast this update might benfit Bytro and encourage them to make new game mechanic updates.

      Arcorian wrote:

      Please note that this new feature is currently only available on Mobile.
      This feature seems so fitting for mobile :00008356:
      "Admins who give out bans and doesn't give a reason, should be burned in hell and won't be given a reason" :unfair: