Heavy Tanks and Commandos

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    • Heavy Tanks and Commandos

      In my opinion, Heavy Tanks are Commandos are a hugely underrated combination.

      I just formed a small group of 1, level 1 Heavy tank, and 1 level 1 commando unit.

      Damage: Attacking Defending

      Unarmoured - 16.4 - 12.3

      Light Armour - 24 - 19.5

      Heavy Armour - 18 - 15

      This is on Allies Doctrine, very interested to see how they will behave on Axis.

      I haven't looked for any similar threads, so this might be a very old thing that has some massive weakness (the 39 speed), but I thought this is very interesting.
    • I don't recommend it. Commandos and HTs have similar strengths (attack vs light armor) so they don't pair particularly well. Looking at just damage output, Commandos give you more attack per manpower, but their HP is less than half of HTs and their armor class (unarmored) is generally weaker than HTs (heavy armor).

      When paired with HTs, Commandos don't really shore up any weaknesses. You'd be better off spamming HTs. If you want the little bonus attack vs unarmored that commandos supply, go for mot inf (better value but die easier) or mech inf (more expensive but more resilient).
    • What is the point of comparing units without consideration for cost, availability, or production time?

      Do you also think that nuclear bombers are "better" than tactical bombers?

      Heavy tanks and commandos are both vanity units. They have no role in competitive games.
    • And his long did it take to build those factories? How long did you have to wait for the research to complete, including all the prerequisites?

      The point is to compare to units of similar cost, and consider timing. If you upgrade your starting infantry from 1 to 4, you could do it in the field, close to the action, without any new factories. And end up with a more effective unit at a lower price. Or build medium tanks, and upgrade to 3 instead of researching and building heavy tanks. By the time the heavies make it to the front line, upgraded units have won the game.
    • I get what you're saying - I use medium tanks and motorised infantry most, but for situations where you invade one country, but worry that the country on your other border might invade, the commando heavy tank combo will hold the line long enough for most of the fighting army to make it.
    • It depends what the enemy is bringing. If he's sending infantry or mot inf, then armored cars are a better option, with rocket arty in support. if he's bringing heavy armor, then AT guns or TD plus artillery is a better defense. If he's attacking you with light armor, then commandos and heavy tanks may look good in terms of most stats, but they are dangerously slow. The light armor can run circles around you.