Making custom maps

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    • Making custom maps

      If when creating a game, specifically an alliance game, we could change starting: units, territory, research and resources then it could make the game much more enjoyable.

      I could start my own Cold War-era game against my friends without having to wait 30 days to research everything.

      Or I could change the countries, like if I wanted to 1v1 my friend on a fictional map like the British vs Mongol Empire, just for fun.

      The problem with this is that it might kill off or hurt some of the actual game modes, but after like 4 days, there are only 4 players left on most common maps (Clash of nations, America Homefront), and custom games would give more incentive to play.
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    • As far as the mentioned scenario goes, I think the Mongol and British empires overlapped anyway.

      Personally I don't see this ever being done, and the advantage over pre-set maps, (1v1 maps died with the English Channel for a reason, and alliance and high command maps already allow freedoms) seems low. In execution it would likely be buggy.

      I think part of what makes Call of War Call of War is that there are discrete maps. World at War is the big, balanced flagship map pitting skill against skill. 1939 Historic World War is a fun historic map, perfect for reenactment or alternate history. Clash of Nations is a nice smaller map, ideal for learning or alliance rounds.

      Call of War should not be generic. It is set in and around the Second World War, and the maps are a key feature.
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    • But for Roleplay, If there were just a few commands that would boost a nation's popularity, or cause it to immediately annex a nation, and then a button to configure starting research, troops and resources.

      It might be slightly buggy, but since it would be for private servers only, I think the pros would outweigh the cons.
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      (As elected October 2023).

      Can be found on Call of War itself as "Zaktty".
    • I'd love to go around designing my own units, but Bytro has clearly said they don't intend to support a moddable game at any point in the future.
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