Hint to what is to come

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    • Hint to what is to come

      In 1861, April 13. The CSA had came to the Union's capital of Washington D.C and had open fire. This was the start of the American Civil war. 3 weeks after the opening bell of the American Civil war, became under siege by the Confederate armies, its leader was general Robert E. Lee. Unknow by the Confederate army. USA president, Abraham Lincoln was still in D.C along with over 40,000 Union soldier, as the Confederate army had over 100,000 men and around 300 guns aimed to level the city. The battle had last one month, wave after wave of Confederate troops attacked and fell back. Until the last wave of Confederate army came. An overwhelming mass of 30,000 troops supported by 70 guns. The Union had no chance to hold them off for another 1 day for the army from New York to arrive. The Union only had around 3,200 men left to hold the city and within 2 hours in battle, the army was down to under 600 battle ready men. Once the battle was lost, the whole of the Union army that was in D.C was called to garrison the White House to hold off as many men as they could. They didn’t last long and by 9:24 pm that same day The whole of D.C was under control by the CSA. In the White house, laid 295 Union men and the US president, Abraham Lincoln. The Union navy had been trying to help, but due to the Confederate subs along with the whole Confederate navy, no Union ship was able to help the fight in D.C, all that they could do is watch as their capital fell. Abraham Lincoln had asked his vice president, Hannibal Hamlin to leave D.C, but when he tried; he was shot and killed when the Confederate ambushed the small force that was set to keep him safe. That would leave US general Grant to lead the US. The first move that he had made, make peace with the CSA.

      you'll get it soon :)
      How many regert electing the current US president, and if not, please, tell me why you havent yet, id love to here you, hopefully smart answer.