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    • Forum AI Poems

      Your go to place to drop random poems about the forums and people in the forums! Let’s start with the Great War of the alliance!

      From distant lands, an alliance takes birth,
      A force that reshapes the very earth.
      Salazar and CarKing, their names echo wide,
      An unstoppable tide, destiny as their guide.

      With thunderous might, they march as one,
      Chaos unleashed, battles begun.
      Enemies tremble, status quo shattered,
      Their combined strength, nothing else mattered.

      Cities quiver, kingdoms in disarray,
      As this grand force sweeps the world's decay.
      Armies crumble, resistance futile,
      Their legacy written in a victorious style.

      Through darkness and turmoil, they forge their path,
      An alliance of power, defying nature's math.
      Emerging triumphant from the chaos they sowed,
      A new era dawns, where their legends are told.

      So let their tale be etched in history's scroll,
      Salazar and CarKing, a force to extol.
      With the world transformed in their resolute wake,
      Their alliance forever, the world's destiny remake.

      From realms afar, a coalition's birth,
      Salazar and CarKing, proving their worth.
      Brando Dilla, once a formidable name,
      Now finds his empire engulfed in flame.

      Rokossovski, known for cunning and might,
      Falls to the alliance's overwhelming sight.
      His armies, once proud, scattered and torn,
      As Salazar and CarKing's banner is borne.

      That Polish Guy, once a mastermind's brain,
      Now faces a force that brings his reign to wane.
      Marshal-Zhukov's brilliance fades away,
      Against the alliance's power, he can't sway.

      Jub Jub Bird and Genz, CrayFish's horde,
      Once feared, now broken, their strength ignored.
      In battles fierce, they falter and yield,
      Their defiance quelled on the battlefield.

      Sam, who once stood with pride so tall,
      Now watches his dominion begin to fall.
      As Salazar and CarKing's forces unite,
      Their enemies' resistance dwindles from sight.

      One by one, these leaders of old,
      Feel the alliance's grip tighten its hold.
      Strategies crumble, defenses are breached,
      As the alliance's triumph is clearly preached.

      Amid chaos and turmoil, they face their defeat,
      Their once-mighty empires brought to a seat.
      Salazar and CarKing, champions of lore,
      Stand victorious, the world's balance restored.

      As darkness loomed, a final battle neared,
      Enemies united, their purpose clear.
      Brando Dilla and Rokossovski's might,
      Combined with others, a desperate fight.

      That Polish Guy and Marshal-Zhukov stood,
      A once-bitter rivalry now understood.
      Jub Jub Bird, Genz, CrayFish in line,
      A coalition formed, determined to shine.

      Sam, once a leader with dreams so grand,
      Joined the fray, taking a final stand.
      Their forces combined, a formidable sight,
      Against Salazar and CarKing, ready to fight.

      The clash began, an epic display,
      Chaos and thunder, the skies turned gray.
      Salazar and CarKing, undaunted and strong,
      With strategy and valor, they righted the wrong.

      A battle of titans, the clash of their will,
      The alliance pressed forward, determined to fulfill.
      Though enemies rallied, their unity waned,
      As Salazar and CarKing's power remained.

      Brando Dilla's empire, a fortress no more,
      Rokossovski's cunning, a shadow of yore.
      That Polish Guy's plans, now unraveling fast,
      Marshal-Zhukov's defenses, a thing of the past.

      Jub Jub Bird and Genz, CrayFish's command,
      Their united front now slipping like sand.
      Sam's once-mighty realm, now crumbling away,
      As the alliance's might held sway.

      In the end, their efforts fell short,
      Their grand alliance couldn't thwart.
      Salazar and CarKing, an indomitable force,
      Emerging victorious from the chaotic course.

      Their enemies defeated, their power laid low,
      The alliance's triumph, for all to bestow.
      A final battle fought, a destiny sealed,
      Salazar and CarKing's might revealed.

      CarKing the 6th of the Abrahamic Caliphate
    • A Sonnet for Zaktty

      Zaktty the general, in his avatar fine,
      With beret, Bren gun, and a monocle fine,
      Sits and reads a poem, a poem of friends,
      All generals they are, and he's not among them.

      He reads and he reads, and his face grows quite pale,
      For he knows that he's left out, he's not in the tale.
      He feels like a fool, like a child in the rain,
      He feels like he's nothing, he feels like he's plain.

      He looks at the others, and he feels so alone,
      He feels like he's not good enough, not their own.
      He feels like he's nothing, he feels like he's lost,
      He feels like he's just a countryball,
      Out of the group, he has been tossed.

      He closes the poem, and walks away slow,
      He knows that he's not good enough, he knows that he's low.
      He knows that he's nothing, he knows that he's sad,
      He knows that he's just a countryball, not a lad.

      The General

      Zaktty, the general, sits in his chair,
      A picture of sadness, his face full of despair.
      He's just read a poem by his friend Carking,And his name is not mentioned, not even a raking.

      All the other generals are there,
      Their names praised and honored, their deeds made to flair.
      But Zaktty, the bravest of the brave,
      Is not mentioned, not even a single word gave.
      Zaktty is angry, and he's also quite sad,
      He feels like he's been forgotten, like he's not had.
      The respect he deserves, the praise he has earned,
      It's all gone to the other generals, he's been burned.

      He thinks of his friend, That Polish Guy,Who he's written poems for, time and time again.
      Why hasn't he stood up for him? Why hasn't he said a word?
      Zaktty feels betrayed, he feels like a fool.
      Zaktty the general, he's a sad and lonely man,
      He's been forgotten, he's been cast aside.
      He'll never forget this day, this day of shame,
      The day that Carking forgot his name.
      President of The Forum.

      (As elected October 2023).

      Can be found on Call of War itself as "Zaktty".

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    • I would have included the following at least:

      (I already forgot who was in it)

      - Fox Company
      - Pod_than
      - Nadda
      - Lady Arrogosta
      - Stardragon225
      - rehxor
      - many more who I can't find, they are all really active
      - Danielyoverdi

      Oh and RIP to loads of others, especially
      - Pablo22510
      President of The Forum.

      (As elected October 2023).

      Can be found on Call of War itself as "Zaktty".