Core Provinces

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    • Core Provinces

      This stupid core province is making me crazy. Why in the hel that even if ny non-core provinces have the morale of 100% I still can get only a 25% production rate? When youare playing Sweden or Yugoslavia or small nation in 1939WWII this can be a serious problem. After all, some non-core provinces can be really loyal to the invaders (such as Austria and Ukraine in 1941 and 2023) while some core provinces can give a nation resistance that annoys it's leader to death (such as Italy partisans in Northern Italy from 1943-1945, and they DID killed the leader, quite remarkable).
      So I think all nation can make any provinces core with a certain degree of payout.
      Nations with Axis/Japan doctrine: Core a province while reducing the morale to 0% and the province will produce only 1% of the manpower it gives before it is conquers. (Yes, why can't I make it core if there aren't people in the province?)
      Nations with USSR doctrine: Core a province while inflcting mass damage to buildings and reducing the morale to 50%.
      Nations with USA doctrine: Core a province while using 10k-30k money for propaganda and manpower reduced by 50%.
      (Yes. This is Neo Colonism.)