How to post pics on this forun

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    • If you look at the bottom of your post, there are 3 grey boxes on the bottom left corner. A box with a smiley emoji in it, a box with a paper clip in it, and a box with a settings symbol in it. Click on the one in the middle with the paper clip.

      On mobile, it will say ‘upload’, and you can upload photos from your phone, or you can upload photos from a file on your phone, etc.

      On PC, I don’t exactly remember what the name for the button is, but it should be pretty obvious. It may also be ‘upload’. On PC you cannot copy+paste, you have to save the image to your files then upload it.

      Once you have uploaded a photo (if it fits the correct requirements in file size & image size etc), you should see it in a lil preview thing in that area, with the title of ‘IMG_0650’ or some such arbitrary number (if it is a photo from your library on mobile), or the name of your file if you uploaded it from your saved files.

      Every image you attach to a post which you don’t add to specific parts of your text in your post will be attached to the very end of your post for forum users to look at. If you want to insert it at certain points, click on the area of your post so the mouse pointer (idk name for flashing line thingy, shows you where you’re typing) is where you want the photo to be. Then, click ‘Full Image’ just next to the image you want to insert.

      Hope this helped!
      Have a blessed day <3