Communist Netherlands (ACAI) thread

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      Greetings, underlings.
      Allow me to introduce myself.
      My name is Talvi Van Der Sota, King of the Dutch Empire.
      Or, well, not for much longer - on the advent of day 2, The Dutch Empire will become the People's Republic of the Netherlands, and I will become Supreme Comrade Van Der Sota!
      Comrades, a new age has dawned for the Netherlands! The age, Of Prosperity for All and Justice For the Proletariat! Our Cromwell Tanks will be replaced with T-34s! Our M-34s will be replaced with PPSh-41s!!! URRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!


      My Union is small, but sprawling - I have a presence in not just Europe, but also South America in Suriname, and in Oceania with my Indonesian colonies - I am surrounded by possible land grabs. One of which is Belgium, who I promptly invaded, but not before France could reach Brussels.
      Supreme Comrade Van Der Sota (that's me) is known to be a calm and General Secretary, but this was beyond his boundaries of calmness.
      One of his neighbours later complained that a desk that was thrown out of my study's window in anger landed on his balcony and caused untold damage to his beautiful Geraniums.
      He was never heard from again.
      Let's just say I sent him on a "Government-Funded Holiday", if you catch my drift.

      Anyway, what was I talking about again? Ah yes, Geraniums! No, wait, hang on comrade...

      However, all was not lost in Belgium. The Red Army still had land to grab in Belgium, and that was the town of Bastogne.

      Bastogne, in terms of strategy is immensely important - it provides a route into the well-defended Luxembourg before Germany or France can get there. However, it is extremely well defended, and maybe we are more at risk of being invaded by them than they are.

      Now, let's turn our attention to our colony of Suriname, in South America.

      Suriname provides a reliable Naval base in that continent and is also conveniently near to the amateurs of Dominica, Cuba and Haiti, which will be easy pickings, I'm sure. However, being surrounded by the Capitalist Pigs of France (grrrr) Britain and Brazil is not so convenient. Enemies of the people, they are! It's also not too far from Africa, and maybe I can attempt an assault on the Belgian Congo.

      Now, let's have a look at our glorious Indonesian branch of the People's Republic Of The Netherlands.

      I had noticed that Portugal had been completely defeated in Europe by Spain. They are at their weakest, and so I have decided to shell their Cantonese city of Marcao and conquer it before the Capitalist Pigs, Britain and Japan, can get there first.

      Further South, I have noticed that Australia (Also capitalist pigs. We'll just ignore the fact that I'm in charge of the Netherlands) is a threat - A non-aggression pact is necessary.

      Now, for some reason, these types of Conferences take place in some random-ass places, like Tehran or Sevastopol, so I decided to do mine in Tallinn because I'm friends with Estonia and why tf not.

      Oh, and also, my public and the world doesn't know that the official system change so Communism is imminent.


      So, here's a transcript of the conference:

      Supreme Comrade Van Der Sota: Greetings Comr- I mean Prime Minister user40737864.

      Prime Minister Nah Bro I ain't typing all that: G'day mate! I think you're a fat cun-

      Supreme Comrade Van Der Sota: Yes yes, thank you underling. Anyway, please don't attack me. Sign here if you consent.

      Prime Minister ffs I'm calling him Mr. BBQ from now on: Alright mate. You're still a fat cun-

      Supreme Comrade Van Der Sota: ....aaaaaaaaaaaaaand you've signed on the dotted line! Here's to bitter peace!

      Prime Minister Mr BBQ: Ok, no war from now at least mate. But you're still fat, and you're still a cun-

      Supreme Comrade Van Der Sota: And we'll leave it there! Let's take a desperately optimistic and misleading photo to put in the papers despite the fact that we both absolutely hate each other.

      And so it ends for today. Tune in tomorrow to find out - will Australia keep its promise? Will we take Marcao? Will we hold off from the rest of Europe? Another entry, tomorrow, Comrades! Supreme Comrade Talvi Van Der Sota has made his exit.
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    • I'm playing on a Chromebook which is really weird for screenshots, so unfortunately no. I'll see if I can do some on mobile, but even then the Chromebook's file system is confusing af. For now, I'll just have to explain as best as I can. Also, there is a MAJOR spoiler in the screenshots, so I can't send them now at least.
      "Imma play CoW to calm down" - Literally nobody ever

      Talvisota of the Abrahamic Caliphate
    • Talvisota wrote:

      I'm playing on a Chromebook which is really weird for screenshots, so unfortunately no. I'll see if I can do some on mobile, but even then the Chromebook's file system is confusing af. For now, I'll just have to explain as best as I can. Also, there is a MAJOR spoiler in the screenshots, so I can't send them now at least.
      Snip and Sketch, save it, and then upload to the post, you can have 10 images per post.
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      (As elected October 2023).

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    • did it on mobile, can't share screenshots of Indonesia because major spoiler
      • Screenshot_2023-10-07-17-58-52-19_cc54efa681f78541480f6a9e5aaa20b4.jpg

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    • Greetings, Underli- Comrades, I mean.

      I, Supreme Comrade Van Der Sota am on a mission! To make the Democratic (lol) People's republic of the Netherlands the greatest power on Earth!!!

      So, first of all, comrades, let's recap the end of the last entry.

      We signed a pretty hollow non-aggression pact with Australia in Estonia, and declared war on Portugal for a city in South-East Asia (Marcao). It is with great exultation that we took this city from the Capitalist pigs of Portugal, right under the noses of Britain and Japan!

      We are preparing in our Colony of Suriname for an invasion of the Dominican Republic, currently building a stack of five in the Atlantic for our glorious socialist, uh, Liberation of the Caribbean! Yes, that sounds much less like violating a country's sovereignty than it actually is.

      One thing I actually forgot to mention last episode was that I am allies with Italy (Level 104 respectively), however if I may break the fourth wall for a moment, he mentioned that he lives in Israel and serves in the army. Considering everything that is going on in Israel at the moment, I doubt Call Of War will be his biggest priority. Best wishes to him, I hope he is ok.

      Anyway, onto lighter things.

      Germany (Level 41 Respectively) is being cut apart by the Soviet Union, so I am deciding to join in on the fun with a surprise attack in the North of Germany, hoping it will be adequate.

      But now, I must make my official announcement to the world at the UN Assembly in Brussels - The Democratic (lol jk) People's Republic of The Netherlands is born!!

      Ok, now to get on stage.

      Here goes.


      A gasp reverberated around the hall.

      "Yes, Comrades! I will not correct to Underlings! You're officially my Comrades! Why?! Because our glorious empire is no longer the Kingdom of the Netherlands! I am no longer King Talvi Van Der Sota! We are now the People's (lol) Democratic (mega lol) Republic (HAHAHAHAHA) of the Netherlands. I am now Supreme Comrade Talvi Van Der Sota! And all will bow to ME!!!!!!!"

      A disapproving grumble raced around the room.

      Then I said the thing about the PPSh 41s and T-34s.

      Then one brave soul stood up.

      "G'day mate! I object, you fat cun-"

      Oh no. It's Mr BBQ.

      "You will regret this, you fat cun-"

      Oh dear, dear.

      Another Conference is necessary.

      Not only are Conferences held in Weird Places, but also Corrupt places. So my next one will be held in the most obscure, corrupt place of them all.

      London, UK.

      Indeed! This transcends North Korea, Krygystan, and Mongolia on those fronts!

      Australia, before the Conference, had officially declared war, so that will be the main topic of the conference. It is MY conference, after all.

      There was a flight delay, so I turned up late to the conference ("Oh no! What will we do without the Netherlands here? Nooooooooooooooooooo), but here is a transcript of how it started:

      Mr BBQ: We were in talks for the pact, but nothing was agreed. I also cannot accept communism, ya fat cun-

      Estonia for some reason: No offence to Australia, but it is clear that you two were at least in talks for a pact, and you only used his communism as an excuse. In my opinion, nobody should be allies with Australia as it's clear they cannot be trusted.

      Mr BBQ: Excuse me Estonia, but what have I ever done to you (Talvi here: lol you seriously couldn't make this shi up)? Again, we were only in talks for a pact, but nothing was agreed. And, being Communist is a disgrace.

      Estonia: Well I'm Communist and there's nothing wrong with it. The Netherlands did nothing to you apart from agreeing to chat. Then, you stabbed him in the back.

      Mr BBQ: I wasn't stabbing him in the back if we were only in talks, nothing was agreed.

      Estonia: Then tell me exactly what you were talking about. Invading the Netherlands for being Communist is just the "Red Scare" if you ask me. Also, what would be able to stop that war? On your terms, it's extermination of the Communist Dutch.

      Mr BBQ: As a Democratic Nation, supporting Free Trade, I cannot stand for peace with Communists.

      Estonia: Well if Communists opened trade, would you then make peace?

      Mr BBQ: You may believe in that, but I don't believe in Communism (wtf does that even mean lmao)

      Then! The doors of the hall burst open! Rays of light shone through! And standing there, nobly, proudly, was Supreme Comrade Van Der Sota!

      Me: Alright Mr BBQ, lemme tell it like it is. At the start of this whole thing, you were asking for allies, which I asked to be. Then you added someone else into your coalition instead of me without even letting me know. Then, because I wanted to keep stability in Oceania, I asked if we could at least have a non-aggression pact. You agreed (I have photos of the chat at the bottom, for proof). You lie, and you cheat. You claim to support Democracy, but whenever anyone has an ideology that disagrees with yours you all of a sudden think that invasion is the best course of action.

      Mr BBQ: We were only in talks of the pact, nothing was agreed.

      Me: Nuh-uh. I asked and you said "Sure". I demand a peace treaty, with war reparations and that you return any land that you have taken.

      Mr BBQ: "Demand" is a strong word.

      Me: That doesn't change anything.

      Then someone stands up. It's.... Denmark?!?!?!

      Denmark: Just take the Netherlands, it's free land.

      Then the conference descended into chaos and I made an escape, because Luxembourg and Switzerland started making out in the newspaper.

      We must fight for Indonesia!

      Admittedly, we have lost Jayapura and some minor provinces, but we have taken Wewak and I have an armored car (on 0.1 hitopints. y e a h) going to Kavieng. There is hope, though fleeting.

      Another update tomorrow.

      (Only got the chat screenshots for now, scrnshts of the game to follow)
      • Screenshot 2023-10-08 10.59.47.png

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