Last Chance - Get Your Flame Tank Now!

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    • Geden wrote:

      CMDR. Wolf wrote:I wonder if Geden reads these replies to the announcements.
      I see and read most messages, after all there's valuable feedback to be had :thumbup: I just rarely get to reply directly as i'll check ever so often for new feedback, but not necessarily when you guys sent the messages.
      He’s alive! =O

      CarKing the 6th of the Abrahamic Caliphate
    • Interesting that a units killed by flametanks was published in the forum, since unit kill information is no longer available to users, much less which type of unit killed which type of opposing unit.
      the comment about a 7:1 deployed to killed is a telling factor. likely indicates that many games ended before flame tanks were used, or that many of the flame tanks are still sitting in the backpacks of users who never claimed them.
      perhaps some might give us data on overall deployed to kill ratios, here are are a few from recent games:
      day 138: 109 units on the map, 60 lost, 238 killed, for a D/K ratio of 0.71
      day 18: 149 on the map, 31 lost, 238 kills, D/K=0.75
      day 13: 124 on the map, 24 lost, 142 kills, D/K=1.04
      day 25: 129 on the map, 218 lost, 724 kills, D/K=0.48
      day 20: 161 on the map, 31 lost, 87 kills, D/K=2.20
      day 18: 137 on the map, 12 lost, 40 kills, D/K=3.7 (FrontlLine Pioneer game, very worthy opponents>