Pacific Theater

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    • Pacific Theater

      I honestly think a Pacific Theater map would be nice.

      (Further suggestions? Please comment!)

      The Combatants would be:
      JAPAN (Including Korea)
      U.S.A. (Phillipines, Hawaii, Midway(?)) (MAYBE West Coast?)
      BRITISH AUSTRALIA (Including New Zealand(?))
      U.S.S.R. (?)


      Another Idea I think would be nice, would be this:

      (Maybe better if Carriers are added....)

      Japan V.S. U.S.A. (Midway is an A.I. Island)

      Midway is the only land in the map, the rest water. Each team starts with an equal amount of each type of ship, and an equal amount of troops in an equal amount of convoys. The A.I. Island would have no troops or defenses on it, but DOES have a lvl 1 barracks, lvl 2 infrastructure, and a lvl 1 Industry. One or two of the Midway provinces has an Airport or Naval Base, but you cannot make any ships. The winner is the one who has the most of the island under their control in a matter of around 15 days or so, OR the first team to lose their ENTIRE Navy, not including submarines.
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    • The Pacific Theater would be a great Idea, especially with the addition of the Japanese skins, but a Midway only battle, though good in concept, would be a bad idea. The map would be too small and the map wouldn't be very fun to play. However, the East Asia map is a good Idea.It should be U.S.A., Japan, Nationalist China, Communist China, Great Britain, Australia, French Indochina, U.S.S.R., and Dutch East Indies. This would keep it historically accurate, and should probably go as far east as Eastern India, and as far west as he Rockies,and the North pole as one northern limit, and Mid or all of Australia as another. This could be road to war 1932, and The readily available 1939 mode. They could do just Nationalist China, Communist China, Manchuko, and Japan for the 4 player map, and 22 player map can be all these countries divided.

    • The two Islands of Midway, with only your default fleet to use, and you can't build more ships. The recommendation was for a map with just those two Islands and a default fleet. That Idea, though cool in concept, would make a battle too short, and usually only one player would win, and would win quickly. The map would dictate that you need to capture the Island to use your air-force, so the only way to take both islands is through tactical bombers, but those would be easy targets for ships, and in the end it would end with frustration and misuse.

    • He suggested that It be a naval focused game mode, and one where you cannot build more ships.The person who takes the airbase and can produce more planes wins. So all the combat will be over those provinces, and Midway is a small Archipelago, consisting of two islands. unless you divide the islands into four provinces, your gonna have two provinces. Though naval warfare is a great concept, the Pacific map is very close in the fact that you have to have a powerful navy in order to succeed, or else your transports will be decimated. Midway is a two island frustration, and will be used for veterans to crush their friends who have just been introduced.